Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Friday night we took time to visit the High School track and support the Relay for Life event. It's a fund raiser for the Cancer Society and for 5 years we had a team, but we decided to take time off for a bit, but still go out and support those other teams raising money to find a cure. It goes all night long and a member of the team is to be on the track walking or running (haha) at all times during the night. They have many fun games, food, raffles and silly contests like the one where men dress up as women and see who can get the most money in a short time...silly I know, but it was funny! The most moving time is the luminary ceremony where you can buy a luminary in memory of a friend or loved one or in honor of someone who's a survivor. We got one for Jack's Dad who lost his battle with cancer in 2001 and one for my brother who, thankfully, is a survivor. It's touching to see all the survivors who walk that track, some in wheelchairs, some without hair, some just so grateful the be cancer free. The one pic of the three people shows a friend that I work with (in the red sweatshirt) who's a survivor and was a member on our team..unfortunately her Dad just passed away not long ago from cancer. Working in surgery we usually see the effects of cancer by being the first stop on their treatment or last. I wish we would never have to see what this disease does, not only to the victims, but to the families. All are heroes and the Relay for Life motto is: "We won't stop walking until there's a cure." When you walk the track during this ceremony they have the words: HOPE and CURE spelled out in lumaries and it's totally dark out and you can hear a pin drop on the track during the first lap of silence. Maybe this will help in the fight against cancer so someday the words "you have cancer" will never be heard by our children. That's our HOPE!

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Donna said...

You are such a good writer and the sentiment that penetrates the whole event, you captured perfectly! I am always so moved by the candlelit walk (wish we could have stayed) and this year like before thinking of my mom catches in my throat when I see the luminaries with names....great blogging!!!