Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun on a Friday Night

Here is Alexis picking out a book to read before bedtime...she started to read them and I swear, two minutes later she was out!

Alexis and Addy came to spend the night on Friday. Little Addy fell asleep pretty early but Alexis stayed up for a bit to play. After a bath it was time for bed and both girls slept really good for us. It was fun to have them and they were so good. Of course, all my grandkiddos are good! Addy is really showing her cute personality. She never (well atleast this weekend) cries! She was all smiles for us. Yep, a fun time for sure!


Phil and Amanda said...

Helloooo "Phyllis" and Manda Jr. lol!

Thanks for watching them! I'm so glad they were good!

Donna said...

Love the hairdos!!! Too funny!!