Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jack made it back

Well, it was quite a week for the scout troop 555. They went on a high adventure trip to the mountains of N.Carolina and then did a white water rafting day. The temps were hot and humid and the trail was steep. Jack decided it was not in his best interest with his leg problems to do the hike after seeing the trail. He went and stayed with Craig and Amy for the week and got to visit with the grandkiddos...I was so jealous, but also worried about his leg, which seems pretty good today. He didn't tell me about the little knee injury during the rafting part. He decided to wait until he came home to relay that news! They had some car problems that delayed the going home start time and he didn't get in until 4 this morning. His knee will heal and his leg seems to be better. Now, I might just have to smack him for making me worry all week! The first pics are of the "hair pin" curves of the road they were on. Jack knows how much I hate travel that includes those plus the always lovely "scenic overlooks". The other shot is the troop getting ready to take off. Jack took some cute pics of the kids and they seemed to enjoy having him there too. Thanks Craig and Amy for putting up with Dad for the week! He enjoyed it! The raft trip pictures will have to come from Craig's camera. I looked online and saw the trip from the photographer that takes them as the rafts go by. Pretty impressive! Glad everyone made it home safe and sound and had fun.


Donna said...

Yep...glad everyONE made it home safe and sound!!!
hey, that Soph-a-loaf is too cute!!! She's got the chunckie monkey cheeks...adorable!!!!

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig....I'm glad Dad made it back home ok! It was a lot of fun on the rafting trip and as soon as I develop the pictures, I'll send them out. I hope your knee feels better soon Dad! No more hanging your body out of the raft trying to dunk your head while we traverse white waters! Also, the multiple jumps off the rocks into the raging rapids probably isn't recommended either! But it definitely was fun!!!

Christina said...

Oh man! Casey had sooo much fun! He said that he will wait a few years to do the AT again, though. I'm so glad that Jack knew his body enough to decide not to hike. Good for him! Casey also got hurt during the rafting trip. He hurt his ankle and it's not getting better, so I nagged him to go to the doctor. He's going Thursday to have it looked at. Other than that, I'm glad the guys were able to go. :)