Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signs of Summer

Nothing like a blazing fire in the pit to enjoy the summer night. We save all our pizza boxes for a year, then dowse them with gasoline and strike the old out! I almost lost an eyebrow on this stunt....then we dance naked around it in the moonlight...ok just kidding folks...we only save 6 months of pizza boxes. This is a little contest I'm running. These are some signs of Summer that are pretty regular at the Pines...something is missing this year...can you guess what it is? Let me know if you notice something that I post about every Summer that I'm not even mentioning now...this is really only the 2nd Summer of my blog, but who ever guesses first on the comments will get a prize! (hey, don't ask me what, I'm playing this by ear!) Good Luck!

Around the Pines there are signs that Summer has arrived....Signs like these: 2 Dads just hanging around enjoying a Father's Day afternoon.

Signs of cute kiddos enjoying the sounds of the fountain...newly installed!
Me, being lazy just hanging by the deck... (actually I think I was just tired at the end of a long day!)

The early morning sun coming up over the creepy takes a bit for the sun to get over all the trees, but it's very pretty when it finally makes it!

The lawn cart full of weeds freshly pulled from the little gardens....believe you me, they needed weeded!
The Edster gathering one of his fav outdoor toys....a pinecone from the Pines of course!
I love window boxes as most of you know....they are looking marvelous this summer!
Fourth of July is very near but I keep the patriotic look all helps to love red and blue!

The flowers by the walkway are really coming on now! We've had lots of rain and nice sun in between to help.
Eddy doesn't do well in the heat so he needs to come and lay down to recharge before heading outside again. He hates to be in when we are out!


Kent and Leisy said...

ooo- I want the prize! Is it about the pool?! where's the pool?!? eddie needs a place to swim- it looks like the same thing happens to him as does to me in the heat.

yaya said...

Leisy you are the winner! Yes, it's the pool. We ran out of time to put it up this hoo! But next year it's going up in May for sure! I did get a little kiddie one for any tiny tots that visit!

Kent and Leisy said...

I am so excited!!

Amy and Craig said...

I'm guessing the pool, or maybe scout camp, or mosquitos, do I win?? oh, I just saw that leisy already did, she's so lucky!

Donna said...

Yep...the pool was my guess too...of course you told me that!!!!
Really pretty pictures of your charming yeard....Eddy looks as thrilled to have his pictures taken as do Jack and Phil...(must be a Starkey guy thing!).

Phil and Amanda said...

Donna, I Laughed when I read your comment about the Starkey guys and having their picture taken. It's least when it comes to Phil...WHAT A SHAME!

Love the picture of Alexis by the fountain and of Eddy resting...does he ACTUALLY do that!? ;-)