Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whistle While You Work

I took some pics a few weeks ago of some of the folks I work with everyday. These are just a few of the many that help make surgery possible for our community. They are hard working and interesting , and they make my job worth going to on a daily basis. I know more about most of them then should be legal! I was saving these for a rainy day when I had nothing to post about and today it really did rain! So here goes: We'll start with Dr. B.......
Dr.Bernhard is an ortho guy...fixes those broken bones, or breaks them and puts in new parts! If you like loud rock and roll music, you'll love working in his room. He wears a bubble (space suit) to do all the total knees, and hips, and shoulders, ect...I call it the bubblelicious,only I don't really like the helmets...wrecks whatever hair style you have and it bothers my neck by the end of the day. But I do love ortho...drills, saws, hammers, screws, many tinker toys!
One of our newer surgeons is Dr. Brar...he retired from the Navy and came to SAMHO to work with us. He's a general surgeon and an all around nice guy....we have a few Docs that started out in the military. 2 airforce, 1 army, but Dr. Brar is our only navy.

Mary is my boss...the top dog so to speak...the "go to gal" for all our troubles. And her door is always open. She's not always in there, but the door is always open! She's a very nice person to work for and really backs you up. (plus she will punch you in if your a few minutes late, not that I ever have been)
Peggy is setting up for a total knee....she loves total knees, especially if they are left knees. She has some issues people! But she is the one who knows all there is to know about everything! She also has 4 dogs and various cats and a small farm with donkeys, sheep, goats..I told you she has issues!
Here's Dr. Steinhouser...he loves his glidescope, it makes him feel that he can intubate anyone! He's an anesthesiologist...(gas passer!)
Kim is laughing about something...hmmm...stay away from her, she's crazy! No, she just loves her job as workroom tech. She makes sure all our scopes are sterile, all our instruments that need flashing are done, all the rooms opened and ready to go...all supplies ready for all the cases. Whew, what a woman!
Dr. Frazee...he's so cute I want to adopt him! He's an anesthesiologist too. He's just pretending to wash that LMA so he would look busy in the photo. Wasn't that nice of him?
Nancy has worked in the OR for 100yrs. I think. Well, a long time anyway. She is full of info that we can only hope to know! She's short and we make fun of her for that...not nice huh? Just kidding of course! Only she really is short. We give her stools to step on during surgery.
This is Dawn, one of our RN's...can't you see the sign on her chest that's as big as a billboard? (not her chest silly, the badge!) She also does much computer work for us because we are computer stupids!
This is Chris and Becky...Chris is a transporter/workroom tech/do it all gal! Becky in the print hat does all our ordering of supplies, and we have tons!
Here is another Becky who wasn't wearing a hat..showoff! Connie is our clinical coordinator or head nurse if you will...she's scary! No, you really want to be her friend because she will let you go home early if the schedule is light! Her laugh is the best, I should have videoed it!
Here is Shay, the pot stirrer...loves to be know, the kid you love because they have a special twinkle in the eye that means trouble! Plus she's a really good nurse too.
These two convicts are Becky with the dark hair, and Judy with the blond hair. They schedule all our cases and keep us working....Becky spent last weekend with Patrick Dempsey,aka Dr. McDreamy..I kid you not, I saw her pics! She won a contest to watch him race his car at Mid-Ohio race track. We all hate her now! Thanks for spending a day with me...there are so many others that make up the surgery team. Next time you're having some work done on your bod, think of all the little people it takes to make your outcome successful. We have a nice little hospital and we do good work! I should know I've been there forever!

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Ohhhh God....Thankyou for letting me be absent that dayyy.....Amen!

PS....Some of those guys are lots better looking than their pics!!!!