Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain, Rain go Away!

Hmm...I wonder what happens in this place?
Here are our 11yr olds heading off for the slaughter...just kidding, they're going to the campsite...long hike it was!
Isn't Jack just the cutest in his little scout shirt? Don't 'ya just love a man in uniform? The pic below is my yummy lunch...I think those were veggies, of course we had to have sloppy joes...fritos are a must because you can actually start a fire with them if you don't have wood..(or something like that). The cookie was good and they did have a salad bar so there was some healthy choices too. I had to carry the lunch stuff through the rain to the pavilion so the bun was sort of soggy. It was also cold but hey, I can rough it!

I went down to Scout Camp today to check out the 11yr. old's overnighter for our started out pretty good. Everyone hiked down to the camp site and got set up in the tents, then we hiked up to the dining hall for lunch. Then the skies opened up and the angels cried mighty tears upon us all. In other words, it rained like heck! I went with my friend and Pres. of the Primary, Beth. We decided after sitting in the pavilion waiting for the rain to stop that they really didn't need us any more and we headed back to Ashland. It hardly rained here but I did get enough that I won't have to water the garden tonight. I hope the 11yr. old's are as more rain and a fun camp night.

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Donna said...

I remember when my own kids went to camp and it rained all week...we got them for a Dr visit and they wanted to go home with us sooo bad!!!!
The pic of you and Jack is priceless....sorry it made me giggle!!!