Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Berries and Balls

I noticed a few days ago that we had black raspberries ready to be picked...I wasn't the only one I guess. The birds and maybe deer also noticed. Eddy and I took the buggy path to the creepy woods in hopes of finding some tasty morsels. Well, we found a few...and I do mean few. We also stumbled upon some golf balls that have a way of showing up every time we take a hike up here! I find them in the weirdest and sometimes farthest place in the creepy woods that you can imagine...I guess the guys are harder hitters with the old clubs than we thought! All I have to show for my hard work is a little bowl of tiny berries and 2 golf sad.

Eddy thinks he's a big help finding berries...
Squeak could care less!
Driana, Summer, and Steph stopped by after mutual and achievement night to sit a spell, eat a grilled cheese sandwich and eat s'mores and just giggle over girly things...thanks for stopping by you little cuties! Driana and Summer are so cute and sweet and growing up super fast! I'm a lucky YaYa!


Phil and Amanda said...

What a long hike for just a few berries. BUMMER!

The girls are sooo pretty!

Donna said...

The girls are not the little girls Larry took fishing a "few" years ago!! Wow!!
Love black raspberries!!! One of the second floor nurses was selling them on the way out today...BIG nice ones!!!