Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July....on the 5th!

Every year around the 4th of July, Loudonville has an antique festival and I just love to go and see what great things they have. Usually I don't buy anything, but sometimes I do get some awesome tidbit I just can't live without. Not this year however...but I had a nice time wandering the booths and taking a walk down around that cute little town.
When I go to the antique show in Loudonville I'm usually looking for old tablecloths...but I didn't find any that I wanted until I stopped at a friends house who was having a garage sale and lo and behold her mother-in-law had some yummy old ones that I couldn't this cute little number here. Just one of about 4 I picked up for a steal! The flowers are from my yard...I just went around gathering anything that looked pretty.
Ok, here's my little Phil getting ready to shoot off the traditional fireworks that he and Jordan just have to have every 4th...actually it was pretty cool!
Looks like Addy is loving playing with all the toys from the cupboard! She's such a doll baby...
See what Grandkiddos get away with? Climbing on the furniture while YaYa takes the pic and Paw Paw totally ignores it! Aww, so cute!
Here's some yummy star cakes that were perfect for dessert today! Aren't they pretty?
Eddy says goodbye to everyone...go home and take those noisy fireworks with you! (he was petrified of the noise, poor baby)

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Donna said...

Yeah, poor Scoob was terrified too! When the firworks started he jumped up on Larry's unusual occurance, and got down during a pause, but jumped right back up when they started up funny!!
The flowers are beautiful!!!