Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day and Zucchinni madness

We went down to Lloyd and Joanne Yates' place for a branch pioneer day social and had a really nice evening. The weather cleared up just in time for all the fun....corn hole, volleyball, trampoline, and this cute little train that came over from the camp ground that they camp at on the weekends. All the little kiddos loved it and had a great time playing with the train whistle and bell...the owner of the camp ground made it and it's for sale ($2,000)! Well, not in my budget this year for sure! They rode around in it all evening. The pic above is Estelle, Lloyd's Mom. She's a great lady and a real hottie if you ask me. I hope I look that good at 87! She's also a wonderful artist and she lives in an apartment on Yate's property. She gave us a grand tour and it's adorable, just like her!
Here's Joanne giving a ride on "Wally Woo Woo".( I'm not kidding, that's the train's name)
All aboard!!!
Bye guys!
Ok, my over achieving zucchinni plant is really going to town. I picked these the other night and I have tons more coming on. I'll give many away, cook some up, shred much up for bread and shred up more for the freezer to make this winter. You just gotta love this little plant!
This is just a small compiling of junk from my newly cleaned out and painted kitchen cupboards. Where did all this junk come from? Yes, that's a milk shake maker and many assorted plastic doo dads! Goodwill, here we come! This project is coming to a close and none too soon. I hate that the house is torn up, but the good thing is my kitchen will be done soon and it will be a little less cluttered and very clean! Those pics will come later.


Donna said...

Yes, Mrs. Yates is a hottie!! The train is ADORABLE!!! Ask JoAnn if I can bring my grandkids sometime? And I want to see the kitchen results!!! (Save the junk for Chelsea's garage sale...)

Christina said...

Yeah, if I look like Estelle when I'm 60, I'll be happy! haha The zucchinni looks awesome! Our dog stepped on our plant and squished it, so we only got one this year. It's so sad. :( Glad you guys had fun for Pioneer Day!

Laney said...

I wish Buffalo had a wally woo woo! And the cabinets look glorious. I love them,and I love the hardware you chose for them.

Craig said...

We failed in our attempts to grow zucchinni! Kind of disappointing but we have a ton of red tomatoes. Want to swap?