Saturday, August 1, 2009

Farmer's Market

Saturday is Farmer's Market day in Ashland. From July to Oct. it's the place to spend a fun morning! You get to see all your friends...Hi Mike, Donna and little Bailey!
The Amish are out is force, selling veggies, pies, breads and even homemade baskets. The horses just wait patiently and love to pose for crazy bloggers.
Yep, just pull up your buggy and start selling.
The booths go on forever!
It's not all farmers out here...some people sell homemade soap, crafts, and there are some really cute Chinese gals selling the best tasting crab ragoon ever! (and egg rolls, and spring rolls too)
But the stars are the fruits and veggies for sure. We picked up some sweet corn, delish tomatos, and sweet onions...oh and some homemade wheat bread and fresh cut flowers. Yep, something for everyone! After all the fun of shopping, we headed home and back to painting...almost done, just have the island and my pantry door to finish. Whew, I know Jack will be glad when we're done. He's tired of hanging doors! We're both tired of sanding and painting too. But so far I really like the fresh, open new look of my kitchen. The final product will have to wait until we get back from Chicago next weekend. Atleast I can put my house back together now! I need to give a big thank you shout out to my son Phil for getting the glass in my corner cupboard in so quickly...thanks Phil, I really love it!


Donna said...

I bet you LOVE the new clean bright look of the kitchen!!! A white kitchen is my favorite, it looks great. I'm sure you are glad to have it done.
The Farmer's market is fun for sure...nice blogging...but that's MIKE not Tim...hahaha!!

yaya said...

OOppss!! Sorry Mike! It was late when I posted, I'm old, give me a break! Thank goodness for editing,it's all better now! Thanks for the complement on the kitchen.

Phil and Amanda said...

I love the green color above the cabinets now! Matches your stuff PERFECTLY!! The glass looks awesome too! Isn't it nice having handy men in the family? I was so NOT used to that growing up! It's a big change! lol!

Christina said...

I seriously miss Amish people! I super love the colors in your kitchen! You can feel like it's summer in your kitchen all year long! Yay! Stella and I are going swimming with Amy and the kiddos tomorrow!

Amy and Craig said...

I like the kitchen Mom! Looks really nice. Phil did a great job with the glass. Say hi to all the amish for us!

Amy and Craig said...

I love the kitchen! I can't wait to see it in person. Maybe we'll be up sometime this Fall, hopefully before the farmer's market is done! (this is Amy, the other comment is craiggle's).

Kent and Leisy said...

I can't believe how great the kitchen looks! wow. and the glass cabinet is fabulous. I am very impressed with the abilities of all the starkeys!
oh- and the ashlandites we met are the rosbys- denise and jim!