Monday, August 10, 2009

My kind of Town!

On Wednesday of last week we headed to Chicago for a mini family cousins from California were coming in so we all met up at Mom's for the week. Right after we pulled in everyone was deciding to head to downtown for some touring. Jack wasn't interested after driving for 6hrs, but the Driana and Summer and I decided to go. I was happy they came with us and this would be the first time they would get to see downtown Chicago. Usually they came out with their family for Christmas and didn't get the time to tour much. This was their first train ride, and I think they enjoyed it. Then we headed to the Sears Tower, renamed Willis Tower (it will always be Sears to me!) Stepping out of the train station to peer up at the tall skyscrapers and see all the hustle and bustle of rush hour (it was about 5:00pm) was a bit overwhelming at first! (even for me!) Time for a photo moment, first us then all my cousins....
From left to right...Collette, her Dad Charlie, her Mom Nancy (my cousin), my other cousin Chrisie (Nancy's sis) and Charlie and Nancy's son Tyler.
The view as always was breath taking! We had such a great, clear afternoon. You just gotta love this city!
The girls braved the plexi glass cube...when you step in it, you feel like you're floating over the city. I just felt terror. I tried, I really did! I took about 2 steps in and just jumped back out. They had a good laugh at the old YaYa and then had to show me up by standing, sitting, leaning against the glass. I couldn't even watch them any more! What a wimp I am! After the frightening adventure of the tower, we headed back down and caught a water taxi to Navy Pier. It was very nice to sit and float down the Chicago river and enjoy the pretty buildings from the back side! I'll post more pics tomorrow of this fun weekend. Don't want to bore you to death yet!


Phil and Amanda said...

I LOVE downtown Chicago! My dad just came back from a couple night stay there with my sister and brought back some pretty cool pictures. I have friends that live there now too so we need to plan a trip STAT! These pictures make me want to go even more!!

Christina said...

I also love Chicago! I went last year in the dead of winter and still loved it!

Donna said...

Miss Chicago...gotta go with you sometime...sigh-
You braved the Sears admire that...not sure I could do it.

The California clan look like nice much fun!!!

Craig said...

Looks like fun Mom! Wish we could have been there. I like downtown Chicago and I'm glad the girls enjoyed it!