Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here are some videos of what happens at the Pines on a typical 4th of July....for legal purposes we moved Whispering Pines to another state since it's illegal to shoot off fireworks in here from the State of Confusion is a holiday greeting..Happy 4th!


Donna said...

Isn't this from that Christmas movie about not putting your eye out???? Watch out PHIL!!!!
(looks like fun...happy 4th!!)

Kent and Leisy said...

we should have come over to your "state" to see the show! we saw some city fireworks on the third- but on the 4th we had to settle for sparklers and fireworks that blew lots and lots of colored smoke! and THANK-YOU!! we got your package today- although I'm pretty sure it got here while I was at girls' camp and sat in our locked office for the last four days :) We love it all! we are going to do sparklers for fhe tonight :)

Phil and Amanda said...

I may have to kill Jordan after watching this. ;-)