Thursday, February 29, 2024

Take A Leap!

Happy Birthday to all those who are lucky enough to be born on a day when you only turn an age older every 4 years.  If only that were the case.  We all age when we're lucky enough to survive another trip around the sun.  Yesterday was my day to age.  It sure does beat the alternative.  Many times I'm asked if I  just missed being a leap year baby.  Actually I missed it by a whole year.  1953 is not a leap year.  I was very blessed with happy birthday wishes from family and friends.  Being in my golden years sometimes is lacking in the gold part!  But I'm very happy to be healthy, strong, loved, and enjoying life.  Being older has it's perks besides cheaper prices or belonging to AARP.   Many things just don't bother me any more.  I think I'm more patient while driving...even if I still have a lead foot!  I enjoy working when I want and not on anybody else's schedule.  Work drama makes me sit back, observe, and smile.  I went through all that in my younger working days and now realize some things never change.  Looking back over the years I realize most things turn out the way they are suppose to.  I'm more apt to ask for help with a problem, decision, vacation plans, recipes, or using techie things.  It's better to laugh than to stress out.  So having an extra day every 4 years is an opportunity to take a leap.  Maybe a leap of faith, a leap of caring more, a leap of relaxing more or a leap to start a blog.   I started my blog on February 29, 2008.  The books I have made at the end of every blog year tell of an ordinary life that to me has become extraordinary.  The aging of my children and birth of Grandbabies.  The passing of  loved ones who will never be forgotten but made more precious with the memories.  I hope everyone enjoys this extra day.   On my birthday yesterday Jack and I traveled to Columbus and spent the morning in the Temple.   It's a good time to leave the outside world outside and feel the Spirit and peace the Temple brings.  We had a nice Chinese lunch and a quick stop at Sam's on the way home.  The weather was kind of nasty but getting home safe and sound to a warm home and Annabelle was great.  So I'll share a few pics I remembered to take:

Many bloggers are great at showing delish food very pretty on a plate.  Not me this time!  This was a quick dinner picked up at Sam's Club and the aftermath! Ha!  It was very good.
For my birthday cake we got individual cheesecakes from Sam's.  I was the only one what ate one.  It was great but the rest will end up at work tomorrow to be shared.  (notice the giant bag of chocolate chips!  Gotta love Sam's!)   One tradition I do on occasion...when I share a pic of me.  How vain is that!?  Just to see the aging process. 
Young me
Today me....Where has the time gone?  Well, around the sun I guess!  Have a lovely freebie day this year.  Take a LEAP!!  Today is the youngest you'll ever be!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happiest belated birthday my friend. I enjoyed your words of wisdom about the lessons age teaches us if we're luck enough - and willing enough - to learn them. I could relate to so many of them - although I probably need a remedial course in a few. ;-) A day spent with your husband, a take away meal so you don't have to cook, a sweet treat and coming safely home to a waiting pup are all the gifts one needs. And Happy Leap Day.... ~Robin~

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I don't officially return to blogging until next Tuesday, but I stopped in today because I didn't want to miss your very special day. Happy birthday, dear friend! Slowly but Shirley, you are catching up with old Shady. :)

We had a ferocious wind storm yesterday and last night, and you guys probably drove through similar conditions on the way back from Columbus. By the way, did you ever see the movie Goodbye Columbus? It's a good one.

You started as a blogger four months before I did, and I am very thankful that, five years later, our paths crossed and we became friends. Ever since then, I have been following your journey and that of your wonderful family. Right along with you, I have celebrated the special milestones and grieved the losses. I wish your dear mother were here so that you and she could have had one of your traditional mother- daughter phone chats yesterday.

Thanks for posting the picture of young YaYa. I can testify that you haven't changed a bit since then!!! :) I hope the celebration continues through the weekend and the local members of your family can swing by and see you. Maybe Annabelle will surprise you by jumping out of a cake!

Once again, happy birthday, and many many more! Have a wonderful leap day and I hope to see you at Shady's Place next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday while I'm back "on duty."

Bless you, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

Happy Belated birthday sweet blogging friend! Anytime spent with your husband is a good time.

Susan Kane said...

Looking good, girl. Your sweet little girl face has not really changed. Hope the cheesecake bits were good. I'd eat them for you.

Prims By The Water said...

Happy belted birthday! Cheesecake sounds delish! Janice