Thursday, February 15, 2024

Loveuary Brings Valentine's Day!

 I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday.   I had to work and missed our traditional lunch with friends but Jack went and enjoyed seeing everyone.  We meet every 3 months but I didn't know..or maybe forgot..that we were getting together yesterday.  However, work went well as I was training a new girl at the Endoscopy unit.  Not my favorite thing to do but she did well and we had a light schedule and I was home by 2pm.  Last week on Friday it was 4:30pm and no lunch or break...killer!  But we got it done and I'm just glad I can do those kinds of days and still be alive to tell the tale!  I'm enjoying the lighter morning commute.  I only live about 10min, away from work but I love seeing the early morning sunrise.

Break Room with a view.  I start at 7am so this was taken closer to 7:30.   Sometimes at work we're blessed with free lunches from salesmen/women.   Usually we don't have enough staff for us in the scope room to get lunch until we're done and the food is cold but since our schedule was light yesterday we had food that was actually warmish!
The chicken on the plate was left over from last Friday so it was cold..and  thankfully  the salad cold...and the pop.  The soup was fresh but also not very hot so only a little of everything got eaten.  Except my zero Pepsi.  It was downed quickly!  Don't you just love people who take pics of their food?  When I got home Jack had gotten me a lovely flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.
He always finds the cutest flowers.  He knows I love fresh flowers.  I have all the vases to prove it too! Thanks Babe!  You're my forever Valentine!  On Monday I made some heart cookies.
They turned out pretty good but I had to laugh at Jordan's reaction to them.  He took a bite and looked at me funny.  I said "What?"  He said:  "Are they lemon?"  Me:  "Lemon?  No!  Almond."  Jordan: "Almond? Is almond a flavor?  I thought it was a nut."  Me: "Yes it's a nut but it's a flavor too. There aren't any almonds in there but the flavoring is almond."  For some reason he found that funny and we just laughed over the whole goofy thing.  So I asked Jack to taste them.  He too looked at me funny.  Me: "What?  Don't they taste good?"  Jack: "I don't like sugar cookies."  We've been married almost 50yrs and I just found this out?  Jordan thought that was funny too.  So I took the cookies to work feeling a bit nervous.  I hadn't tried any myself so I just hoped they were OK.  Everyone at work loved them and yes they tasted almond flavor.  But then again, no matter what food is in the break room it always gets eaten!  So I hope you all had a nice Hallmark holiday in Loveuary.  Even Annabelle had a visit from her "friend" next door.
Cooper came with his Valentines scarf on that said " I woof you".
We woof you too Cooper!
A kiss goodbye and off Cooper went to his home!  Happy Valentine's Day...a day late...!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Awwww.....Cooper coming to wish Annabelle a happy Valentine's Day is too sweet. I would have LOVED your cookies!! My mum always had almond flavoring in her cutouts and they were the best cutouts I ever had. Beautiful flowers from your Jack. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you as well. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

I love almond flavoring. You have been busy at work.
Sweet you always get flowers we always exchange cards
Sweet doggie kisses

Prims By The Water said...

Cooper and Annabelle looked cute together. I use to always make heart cookies for Valentine's This year I did a chocolate pudding poke cake. Lovely flowers Jack bought for you. Janice

Susan Kane said...

sweet little guy! Cooper is a delightful dog.