Tuesday, May 7, 2013

S'More Good Nurses

This in National Nurses Week.  Know any nurses?  If you do,  please give them a hug, or a big thank you, or a trip to Maine in the fall....(hint, hint).  I know a few nurses.  I know a few really good nurses and really nice nurses and really dedicated ones too!  The hospital does some nice things for us during this week.  We get a free lunch a couple of times and free cookies and a free gift with the hospital logo on it.  I like the word "free", can you tell?  Free is good.  You know that old saying..."There's no such thing a free lunch"....well, they're wrong! Sometimes there is a free lunch! (like yesterday).  Today we came into work and a really nice person (thanks Melissa!) put up a cute sign and left all the fixin's for "S'mores".  How can you make S'mores without a campfire?  Just give the task to an  Operating Room Nurse!
You need a special burner, (one that  won't set off the fire alarm!) chocolate, graham crackers and giant marshmellows.

 Squish them all together....
And take a big bite of pure love! Thanks again Melissa...shown here eating her creation.
Now for some pics of Nurses I've come to know and love:
I'll start with Mary my boss...just in case next year we get a raise..unlike this year when we didn't because of budget cuts...but I'm not bitter....really!  Love you Mary!
When I took this pic I didn't realize the "stair step" I created....Chris is tall...6ft....and she's the greatest. She's not a nurse but she could play one on TV if needed.  She is indispensable. She's a transporter by trade but she knows everything about everything that goes on behind the scenes in surgery. Plus she can stand on the operating room table and clean blood off the ceiling thanks to her height.  Everyone needs a "Chris"..unless you don't have blood on your ceiling, then you could probably just enjoy her picture here! Next to her is "Little Kim"...She's like me....a Surgical Technologist...only she's much younger than me! Next to her is Nancy...she's little too. In fact we call her our resident dwarf.  Please don't repeat that. Love ya Nancy!
Nurse Ashley, Nurse Becky, and some weirdo at the end of this line.
Hahaha!  The look on Donna's face is priceless....we really tried to get a "good" shot..didn't work..got this instead. We were laughing so hard by the time we decided enough was enough..so nuff said! Nurse Donna, you ROCK!
During one of my cases today, Nurse Ashley grabbed my camera and snapped this "blog worthy" moment...I think I'll call it "CORDS".   During this sinus surgery we had to hook up so many gadgets, and suctions, and cautery, and camera cords, light cords...I just laughed at it all...Well actually I didn't laugh, I did "Jazz" hands instead!
Yep, just lovely.  I'll end with the sign that started our day:
Happy Nurses Week!


Cheltz said...

Loved the "play one on TV" line, and the "blog worthy" cord photo! I think you're the only nurse I know -- *hugs*!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! Yes, I know a nurse. Her name is Mrs. Shady and she came up through the ranks and is now a (an) NP. She always comes home from the hospital with colorful tales to tell just like yours. Looks like you have a great team of co-workers and I applaud them and you for your expert handling of emergent cases. I hope your week is going well and the Ohio weather is cooperating. Take care, dear friend YaYa!

selvageedge said...

Very creative treat! I'm going to have to file that punny idea in my brain to use someday. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My gosh, but this post brought back memories..I was at Riverside General Hospital here in Riverside on the Surgery floor for six years..and loved it.
I quit to stay home and raise the seven children..as they were from three through a senior in high school and I needed to be there.

It was hard work but fun!
Bless those good nurses! A good nurse has a true calling.
I've known some wonderful ones...and then of course there is you, my sweet friend!
Thank you for all you do for folks!

acorn hollow said...

my sister in law is a operation room nurse also. I will call her and thank her. and for all the nurses at Mass General who helped my husband get to here a big thank you!

PoetessWug said...

Oh Yeah! I love a nurse!! ♥ ^_^ Have a good rest of the week, Y'all!!

rosaria williams said...

You are tops!

Christina said...

Happy Nurses Week! I know you are awesome at what you do! Seriously, nurses are so stinkin' important and needed. One of the sisters in our ward is in nursing school. Holy cow!! There is no way I could do that! Thanks for doing what you do!

Kerri said...

Happy Nurses week Yaya! It seems you have such a great group of ladies/nurses that you work with...that sure makes work all the more fun!

karen said...

Thank goodness for all of you wonderful nurses out there! The medical world wouldn't be able to "operate" without you!

Sue said...

Nurses are the best! What would we ever do without you??


Nonnie said...

I don't think I ever met a nurse I didn't like (although I am sure there must be a few out there). And the nurses at the heart hospital where my husband was were unbelievable. You all definitely deserve a free lunch and probably a trip to Maine, too (don't see how you navigate your way around all those cords).
Happy Nurse's week and thank you for all your dedication, especially to such jobs as cleaning "blood off the ceiling!" really??? Wow.
My niece is a (an) NICU nurse.

Kay G. said...

Oh yes, we always need "smore" nurses like you!
My mother was a nurse and my step-mother is a nurse.
You look good even with your hair all covered up by the way.

Hilary said...

Thank you for sharing your nurses with us and thank you even more for being so dedicated to helping others. And may none of you ever have to clean blood off of the ceiling anywhere other than the O.R.

Rick Watson said...

Yum! What could be better than s'mores?

Munir said...

My husband's sister in law is a Nurse and a darn good one too. I will send her hugs right away. She lives in Canada, but hey hugs are hugs.

HAPPY MATHER"S DAY TO YOU. I know that you are a terrific Mom and an awesome grandma.

Willow said...

Hugs Ya ya hope you are having a lovely Moters Day