Thursday, May 2, 2013

Me Oh May

Wait, that's "me oh my"...sorry! I'm just all a twitter (no, I don't tweet, sorry) about our beautiful, warm and sunny May!  The trees are bursting out in bloom and smell heavenly...ahhhh...
Hello little redbud!
The Creepy Woods is just getting green but in a few weeks it will be totally leafed out. It will look nothing like this:
Except for Eddy!  The May apples are growing quickly.  May apples are the green things in this pic..they will bloom and have little green apples things under the leaves. I heard they are edible, but not really sure. I guess I should look it up and find out!
The trees in the backyard are getting greener too, but I love the purple flowers in the lawn just sprinkled everywhere. I know they are really weeds, but I like them anyway!
Prom was last weekend at my Granddaughter's High School.   Driana and Summer looked very lovely.  Their Dad, Jack, looks lovely too...and very proud.  Driana is on the left, Summer on the right. Driana graduates in a few weeks...another right of May passage around here!
Last night we had a Court of Honor for our Boy Scout Troop.  It's always fun to see the boys get awards that they've worked so hard to achieve. Jack had the privilege of giving Kyle a thank you gift for serving for so long as the Scout Master.  He was recently released from that calling and we were really grateful for his service.  He's going to hang around and serve on the Troop committee because he really loves working with these great kids.

Thanks Kyle!  You can still be part of the "group" with Jack and Derek!
Boy Scouts has taken some bad raps this year and many changes are coming.  I'm not going to get into a "right" or "wrong" debate here....Scouting is a wonderful organization for young men. I'm always moved by the dedication of youth and leaders to work together to achieve goals and set standards that will serve them well all their lives. Being an Eagle Scout is an honor that you can brag about your whole life.  A few years ago we had an elderly gentleman (80yrs. old) coming into the operating room and the first thing the nurse said was, "He's an Eagle Scout!"...yep, bragging rights from teen to 100yrs...or more!  Happy month of May!


joanne said...

so many wonderful things happening in May, I just love it. And the sunshine is supposed to make an appearance this weekend so all is good in the neighborhood! Have a great weekend...

PoetessWug said...

YAY!! Spring is finally popping out in my backyard too!...FINALLY!!! :-)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! Your property is exploding with new growth and color. I hope everybody takes time to click and enlarge your marvelous pictures. I know you've waited patiently and it looks like spring has finally come to your region.

I hope Summer had a chance to check out your previous post and read all the complimentary things people wrote about her art exhibit. She and Driana do indeed look lovely and I hope they enjoyed prom.

I was in cub scouts in the 50s and and boy scouts in the 60s and I agree that it is a wonderful organization for young men.

I hope you're doing well, dear friend, and I wish you more fine May weather this weekend.

Hilary said...

Looks like you and yours are having a wonderful May. Lots of promise happening there. :)

Willow said...

Your trees in bloom are beautiful . Our May poles are almost ready to bloom. Our apple tree just about ready to blossom. Hi Eddy ! :)

Kerri said...

Yay for May! I thought it would never get here! Your grandaughters look beautiful...dresses are so much prettier I think than when I went to prom!
I wish my son would have gone into boy scouts. He went to a couple of meetings but just couldn't get into it. :(

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Wow, your family is on the move!!!! Growing up, growing out...and the creepy woods is looking most inviting :)

acorn hollow said...

Spring has finally come here too.
so much happening with you this month congrats to the girls they look beautiful.

Nonnie said...

Your neck of the Creepy Woods looks like an ideal place to live to me. Even with all the winter!

Driana and Summer are beautiful young ladies and they look quite stunning in their prom dresses. (Your son doesn't really look old enough to be their Dad!)

It makes me sad for the Boy Scouts and what they have been through, but the things they achieve will continue to speak for themselves.

Congratulations! You have the right to be bursting with pride.

Julia said...

Me oh my is right, I love your beautiful blooming trees. Your woods are starting to look like an enchanted forest with the trees starting to green up.
Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughters making it to the prom, I can't blame dad to be so proud of his daughters.

Our church host the boy scouts for their regular meetings and we have a special sunday dedicated to them at mass. They carry their flags in the procession. It's nice to be recognized for achievements and dedication.

Have a lovely weekend.

Paul Forster said...

Your May photos make me excited for our move to our new home. We have a fresh start in a new to be developed garden. Need to give serious consideration to suitable trees and plants.

selvageedge said...

You have such a beautiful home and yard. We have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week in spite of the fact that everyone in my home is suffering the effects of spring allergies from those gorgeous trees. :)

I'm sure hoping that Jack, Kyle, and Derek are all still involved in scouting when we will need them in a few years!

Kay G. said...

Oh my dear, I am SO with you about Boy Scouts! My son made it to Life Scout, was involved with Scouts from the age of 6 until almost 18!!
He learned so much from Scouting and the gentlemen involved in the leadership were really great guys.
Oh, and you know those purple flowers that others would call weeds? I call them wildflowers and I would be proud to have them in my yard, and you KNOW that I do!

Stacy Crawford said...

Beautiful granddaughters.

That was an amazing surprise for both of us. I love the plate it is truly me!

We sure love you guys.

karen said...

Your granddaughters are lovely! Now that I've visited Katie in Massachusetts I can understand why most of the country gets very excited for spring. It's a complete transformation. Here in SoCal every day is much like the one before. No big surprises, like one day nothing, the next day FULL BLOOM! Its very exciting to see.

Darlene said...

It sounds like a lot has been happening around your neck of the woods. I loved the pictures, all of them and I think the pics of your granddaughter's are terrific.

I'm so glad that the sun in shining there and that things are warming up and blooming.

Sue said...

Great post, and I LOVE the title.


Sue said...

PS. I see my mom posted on your blog this time. Just shows how you rate with her, as she hasn't been spending much time online.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow! I had NO idea the Scouts were having any problem at all. About what, for pete's sake. ??? Oh dear, can't we all just get along!
The girls are get the sweetest pictures of them!

Christina said...

I love scouting. I know Kyle is going to miss serving in scouts. Nice weather up there. We've had rain for TWO WEEKS and will have it again this week, too. Oh yeah and it's been warmer up there than it is here. What a rip off! haha

Munir said...

Yeah, the month of May is turning out to be fabulous so far. Your trees are beautiful.
The two girls look very pretty in their Prom dresses.
I was a Scout leader for my son when he was in first grade. I think that he was embarrassed that his mom was the leader and not his dad, so he left Boy scouts after one year.

Cheltz said...

Oh, I wish we had some flowering trees in our yard! This year, maybe ... I have a very high opinion of the BSA, especially after having taught the marriage and family merit badge to a couple of troops. There are many, many good people in its ranks, and it teaches a lot of boys a lot of good things.