Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Build It..They Will Come!

Tonight the Young Men, Young Women's youth group from Church came to the Pines for a fun night of games, food, campfire and just plain goofing around!  They were going to do this at the Church but they aren't allowed to have a campfire there.  Jack offered to host it here and he built a nice fire for roasting hotdogs and got the grill fired up for hamburgers.  It was a good turnout and even the youth group from the Wooster Ward came!
Much food!
Lots of talking and hanging around.  I was busy and forgot to get some pics of the games...they looked like fun too. The lady in the sweater and jeans, with her back to the camera, had a little story to tell me...I tell it in a minute.
Brother helping little sis roast a hotdog!

Who had the most fun tonight?  I'm thinking it was this little guy...Eddy the Boxer!
Nobody loves a group of people and kidlets running around the Pines more than this, if they had some human food that accidentally hit the ground....well, it just doesn't get any better than that!  Now for the quick story of the lady in the sweater.  She and her children are new to our Church.  This was the first time she had been here at the Pines. When I came out to meet her she was teary eyed....It turns out that she grew up in our fact, her parents built it.  Her parents have passed away and she hadn't been there since they sold it to the people who had it before us. She was hesitant to go inside, but I invited her in and she told me what was different, what used to be where and what rooms had been added or changed.  I enjoyed it, but I know it was hard for her.  I did smile when she said the kitchen used to be bigger...or atleast it used to look bigger when she was younger!  I think we always look back and think our apartments, or homes were bigger in our memory than in reality.  So all in all it was a great night. After everyone left Jack and I sat out by the fire for a bit enjoying the beautiful Spring evening and watching the fireflies come out for the first time this year...a little light show just for us!  I've been so busy these past weeks trying to get yard work done, working at the hospital, taking care of Grandkiddos, so I'm behind in commenting on my blog buddies posts. I'm going to get caught up before we leave to visit my Mom for her birthday this weekend.  It should be a blast and I'm looking forward time with family...not to mention "blog worthy" moments!


Hilary said...

Looks like a fine time for everyone. Such a bittersweet moment it must of been for her to see your home.. her previous home. Frank's nephew and his girlfriend recently bought the house that was previously owned by Frank's late parents (a couple of owners in between). Much had changed but it when we were there for Thanksgiving, Frank was able to point out where many of his old memories resided.

Shady Del Knight said...

This is a super post, YaYa! It seems you have a house and estate similar to that of my Shady Dell. Your story about that lady returning to Whispering Pines to walk through the house that her parents built is very much like one I published a year ago when 100 year old Margaret Schnieder, The Oldest Living Dell Rat, returned to the Dell house for the first time since the Roaring Twenties to walk through the house her father built and in which she grew up.

I'm thrilled to know the weather was nice enough to host this event on your grounds. Did anybody find a stray Easter egg? (LOL) How many dropped hot dogs did lucky Eddy consume? I love seeing pictures of him. You call them fireflies. In Pennsylvania we called them lightning bugs. They were such a pleasant sight at dusk during the warm weather months. Great memories - great post, my dear friend. Enjoy your visit with your mother!

acorn hollow said...

What a very fun night! It is wonderful that she met you and got to see the house again. And you got to hear her stories of your house.

Cheltz said...

How cool! I always wonder if I'll ever get to go inside the house my dad built again. We've had a handful of people who grew up in ours already through it!

Kim said...

First, it was so generous of you to share The Pines with youth group. My parents used to have an old farmhouse at the beach that we used as a summer home when I was a child. I remember one day a strange car pulled in and a lady got out whith her 90 year old mother. The mother had been born in the house. We invited them in and the older lady cried in every room and told us all her memories of the house. It was one of my favorite days.

Nonnie said...

Your place looks like a very cool place for a gathering of any kind and you seem to open it up for all kinds of occasions. Food, fellowship, fire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, spring night, and games in the pines are all the ingredients for making great memories.
Wouldn't it be interesting for the woman in the sweater to bring some of her photos from when she lived there? That was a great story.
Happy Birthday celebration with your Mom.

Sue said...

What fun for her to get a close-up look at her old home. And what a perfect place to have a big ward party!

You're right, by the way. When I visited my childhood home it looked like a dollhouse compared to my memories of it!


Stacy Crawford said...

my kids had fun. Kota came home smelly like he had been smoked all day.

selvageedge said...

Awesome story. And I'm trying to figure out who the lady in the sweater is. :) I'm sure that was a happy visit for her.

Rick Watson said...

I love cookouts. We have two or three a year with a bunch of kiddos. Jilda and I bring out the guitars and sing old sing-a-longs.
What's interesting is that a lot of younger kids know the words to Country Roads, Margaritaville, and Brown Eyed Girl.
Sounds like y'all had a great time.

Vicki Boster said...

Wow- this looks like such a fun time for everyone. You guys were so wonderful to host this event-- I'm thinking you will now get to be the regular hosts of this event!! Nothing like a good ole roasted marshmallow!


Munir said...

Oh wow, someone who used to live in your present home was back! It must have been overwhelming for her.
It was really nice of you to host a gathering like that if the church did not allow a cook out. The "Pines" look like a picnic resort anyway.
Your posts are very wholesome and when you are older and you will look back you will feel enriched.

Willow said...

What a beautiful yard. Great that you had the group over, your such a good gal Ya Ya! Oh you know I love Eddy, glad he had fun. Over at my place you mentiond the hummingbirds and getting them to stay. Keep your feeder full with fresh solution change it weekly to keep it fresh even if they haven't drank it all. They like it sweet and fresh. They like the flowers but they stay with the hummingbird feeders, even without flowers ( as they eat small bugs but need the sweet dinks). Once they settle in they will be back every year . Feed them and they will come :) Feel free to email me for tips

Willow said...

"DRINKS" they need the "sweet drinks". ... phone key keeps sticking arghh lol