Thursday, May 23, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens

Before I begin my post for today, I wanted to give an update on Mom. She had surgery yesterday and they put plates and screws in each wrist and after 2-1/2hrs.  she was in recovery.  She's been very tired, but sounded good when I spoke with her today.  My sister has been wonderful with all the things that have to be done and I'm sending out a special thanks to her.  The hospital makes me a bit mad because  the care given today has been less than optimal. My sister brought breakfast and lunch in for Mom from home...the nurse came in sometime today and suggested that Mom should really be eating.  When my sister asked about getting hospital food, the nurse said that all Mom had to do was call dietary and they would send her anything she wanted.  My sister then said.."I don't want to sound like a smart a**...but have you noticed she has two arms in casts and can't reach a phone, hold a phone, or even feed herself?" Nurse: "Oh, yeah..sorry".  I wonder how many patients starve to death at this place because the only way to get food is order it yourself.  This is a big, brand new hospital in a suburb of Chicago...bigger isn't always better...either in newer.  Hopefully we'll be getting this taken care of or "Heads will roll!"... Now for my post...
Months ago Donna (Starkey Hollow) made reservations for her and I and 2 of her oldest and dearest friends to go on a home and garden tour.  Donna has been doing this for the past 23yrs...except for last year when she was having chemo.  This year we celebrated her better health with this lovely annual outing. Thank you Donna for inviting me and letting me share in this fun time!  We toured 5 homes and gardens and also was served a lovely lunch.  A great girls day out. Here are just some examples of what we saw.  I couldn't take any indoor pics...but outside was allowed.  The homes were beautiful..some were really huge...9000 square feet?? Who really needs that much room? Anyway, we had some good laughs and I enjoy getting fun ideas. Do I envy the owners of these homes or wish I lived there? Nope..I'm very content with my home.  It's filled with what really matters in, family, friends, and Eddy!  Thanks again was great!
This place had the prettiest hosta garden around.
This garden will be filled with veggies and flowers in a few months.
Some fun planters! We thought maybe the owner was a Podiatrist! (Nope, a gynecologist!)
Pretty fountains.
This home was a true "party house"...the grounds and inside were amazing!
I thought the garden gates at this home were so cute!
Speaking of cute...Donna you are a sweetie and I'm glad we could make it out this year.  Thanks!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Thanks for the latest on your mother. I know this is a terrible ordeal for her but at least she's on the road to recovery. I consulted Mrs. Shady about the possible reason for the hospital having such a strange policy concerning "on demand" meals for patients. She believes it is a cost cutting measure since a large amount of hospital food goes to waste if it is served at regular intervals. She added, however, that your mother's doctor should have signed off on the schedule for serving meals to your mother and the types of foods and fluids she is allowed to have hour by hour and day by day. I wish your mother all the best!

I love these brilliant color enlargements of your better homes and gardens tour. I wish I had gone along with you guys (girls). You mentioned one home having 9,000 square feet of living space, a coincidence because it's the same size as my servants' quarters! (LOL) Looks like that one planter decided to do some "barefootin', right? :) I love the fountain and that terrace with irregular shaped pool and sunken floor in front of the fireplace. Are you sure you weren't at Hef's mansion? :) Thank you, dear friend YaYa, for the update on your mother and the tour of these lovely estates!

Kim said...

It's nice to get an update on your Mom. Some of the things that go on in hospitals now are kind of shocking. The same thing happens here. If a family member isn't there to feed the patient, most of the time they don't eat. It's terrible. But far up your arse must your head be to think a woman with both hands in casts can order food and feed herself??

Julia said...

Thanks for the update on your mom, I'm glad that your sister gave the nurse a piece of her mind. I think that I would have done the same.

You and Donna look way better than those gardens.

Seriously, I think that a garden tour where rich people live would be nice but I'll take my gardens any day because I have put a lot of sweat and hard labour in them and also a lot of love.

I weeded till I couldn't see this evening. I came in at 9:20 PM.

Stay safe,

gin said...

well wishes to your mom. it is fun to go on home tours. but I'm like you, what would I do with a huge house.

Hilary said...

I'm glad your mother is sounding good to you. Silly hospital staff. Where is the common sense?

Looks like a fun tour. I was struck by the foot planter and what you had to say about it...

"We thought maybe the owner was a Podiatrist! (Nope, a gynecologist!)"
So if the gynecologist has a planter shaped like a foot.. should we worry about what the podiatrist uses to display his plants? ;)

Munir said...

I wish your Mom good health and speedy recovery.
I am not surprised at the stupidity of the staff. some of them are just there for the paycheck.
Thanks for sharing the tour with Donna. I am so glad that she is feeling good.

Donna said...

LOVE Hillary's comment about the planter...hahaha! It was a fun day...thanks for the gift to myself

PoetessWug said...

Cute gardens, but I'm still reeling over t he care your mom got...or didn't get! UGH! the hospital!! O_O I hope you played your "I'm a nurse!" card. I would!! LOL

Nonnie said...

Would be nice to think all the hospital staff is as conscientious as you and your group. It's good that your Mom has someone near who is paying attention and will speak up. Hoping she is feeling better and has a good recovery.
It's always fun to me to take a tour around and see inside those big, beautiful homes and the lovely gardens. So lush, but I too am content with our home.
What a very nice pic of you and your friend, Donna.

Sue said...

Those home tours are always fun, and isn't it great that Donna is well and can do it again this year? Hurray!


Sue said...

PS. Can't believe they didn't even think of feeding your mom. It's good you guys are watching out for her.

Rick Watson said...

9000 square feet sounds like a lot of wasted bought air.
I'm very happy with our cottage.

Cheltz said...

Hospitals --- so many good, smart people, and a handful of clueless to ruin the bunch. I've had two hospital births. Each had 1 awesome person, many forgettable and 1 or 2 jerks. I don't know what the solution is, but I hope your mom gets out of there fast! Love those gardens too. Looks like a fun day out!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It seems we have to pretty much take care of ourselves and out loved ones when it comes to our health.
I haven't been on a home tour for a very long time. They are always so interesting!
Have a safe weekend..
big hugs!

Becky Jerdee said...

The title of this post caught my eye, Kathy, as I was on the staff of Better Homes and Gardens for 17 years. Too bad they wouldn't let you take pictures inside...but then home tours always leave visitors scratching their heads :) Pretty gardens, though, and I'm so glad you and Donna are out and about!
Happy Spring!