Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mommo Update

My Mom is home from the hospital and doing really good. Thanks to everyone for your prayers..they do help! My sister Midge is wonderful. She made some changes to her home office so Mom could spend her recovery on the first floor. She is the main "go to" person for Mom and with both arms in splints she needs help doing basic things. But Mom isn't a quitter! She is moving her fingers as much as possible and doing everything she can to rehab her hands. I think of her as the amazing bouncing octogenarian! My brothers and nieces and nephews are also on hand for anything that might need done.  I feel so bad  I don't live close. Having an amazing family is such a blessing. Mom made me laugh when she told me about the "talk" she gave to one of the nurses.  Now, I've been on the receiving end of a "talk" from Mom when I was young and I don't think she's lost her touch. The nurse had some questions she needed to ask and started out treating Mom like she had only one brain cell.  Mom was offended by the tone that was used and suggested that the nurse needed a different delivery.  Everything turned out OK and the nurse survived....Welcome home Mommo!  On a different note, here are a few scenes from the Pines as Spring winds down and Summer tries to make an appearance. The temps have been very chilly these past days, but sunshine abounds and the frost and freeze warnings are gone for now.  Before they are all just a pleasant are the flowers:
I call this my "snowball" bush.  I know it's a white hydrangea, or atleast in the hydrangea family.
The blooms remind me of those white coconut cakes from hostess!
Miss are a stunner in bright red!
This little lady is called "Miss Kim"'s a dwarf lilac that always blooms later than ordinary lilacs.  It is soooo fragrant! I planted a few of these in our old house under the bedroom windows and loved the smell.  I planted this cutie under the window of the guestroom....and made myself a guest a few times just to enjoy it!
Rhododendron.  Blooms so huge and lovely. Unfortunately, they don't last very long. So I enjoy them while I can.
My roses are coming along nicely. My new one has bloomed already and the others are just about there. I do love my owl rocks I brought back from Chicago. (A Costco buy!)  Jack, ever the observer of the backs of people (A Chiropractic habit), claims they look like giant baked potatoes from the back....Hey, stick to humans and leave my owl rocks alone!
Group shot reminds me again that after the blooms are gone, some serious pruning will be done. Hey, I need to see the front of the house!
These two monsters are not "blooming" in the Pines, but I stopped over yesterday and they decided a trip for some frozen yogurt would hit the spot..and they were right! Anthony had yogurt too...he was just a much faster eater than little brother Cameron!
I'm not forgetting for a moment that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  Tomorrow we will have a
 parade and a ceremony at the cemetery to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us a free nation.  Thanks to all who serve and to all who have served in the past. I don't like to call this day a "holiday"....just an "honor day". 
I've had this guy for about 20yrs....he comes out every Memorial day and stays all summer.  As a final Pines happening, I'll show a sunset from the other night. I love taking pics of the sunset as you can tell because I've shown quite a few...they may all look similar, but I love them anyway!
The End!


Cindy said...

So glad to hear your mom is on the road to recovery...and if she is feisty even better! Your yard looks great -- enjoy the weekend!

Barbara F. said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Love your yard, those owls are so cute. My dwarf lilacs haven not bloomed in about three years. Do you do anything to yours? xo

Nonnie said...

Good for your Mom!!! Glad she is home and on the road to recovery, but I definitely understand your feelings of not being able to be with her.
My Granny had a snowball bush I remember well.
I never get tired of sunsets and we had a pretty spectacular one here the other night after the storms.
Good times with your boys. I like the "honor" day.

selvageedge said...

You must be blogging a lot lately. I had to go back a few posts to figure out what you were talking about, because the last one that I remember reading, you had a picture of her hands at the end and I thought they looked fine. So sorry to hear about her tumble, and I'm glad to hear she's doing better. Boo for the airhead nurse; I sure hope they weren't all like that!

acorn hollow said...

So glad your mom is home and doing well. My aunt has been in the hospital she is 89 and started talking to her like that when I was there. I have to say I set her straight. I tried to do it nicely. But not sure it sounded nice.
We are freezing here snow a hour north from us.

Julia said...

Yaya, I'm glad that your mom told the nurse how to behave. I'm somewhat a senior and I don't like to be talk to like I was a five year old.

Your flower bush are gorgeous. I have one of those snowball bush and it was about three inches tall when I planted it close to the house because it was so small.
Now it very tall. My Lady Kim isn't blooming yet. It was damaged when we had the big tree cut. Your yard looks good enough for a garden tour.

I hope that the weather will be nice tomorrow for Memorial Day.


EvalinaMaria said...

Yey for mom and thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, So many beautiful flowers!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! What a blessing it is to know that your mother is home from the hospital and doing well under the circumstances. Ten years ago while rounding on patients in the hospital Mrs. Shady tripped on a bedpost and broke her ankle in several places. She required the same screws and plates that your mother received. I can testify that Mrs. Shady was "the patient from hell" and that she made a speedy and complete recovery. I have every confidence your dear mother will, too. Bless her!

When I was a boy, Hostess Snowballs were among my favorite snacks, and the house in which I grew up in Pennsylvania was surrounded by white snowball bushes and Rhododendron that looked like yours. Your owl rocks rock and I also love your Uncle Sam post. I wish you and your family a safe and meaningful Memorial day observance, dear friend YaYa!

gin said...

hooray for Mom! your flowers are gorgeous. I love summer!


So happy your mom is doing well. What a relief for you and the family. She sounds like a hearty gal, and she'll mend well.
Absolutely love the flower photos. What a beautiful hydrangea bush. I too thought it was a snowball bush. My husband is babying a snowball bush that is now 4-5 ft tall with no flowers to speak of ---yet.
Take care of you. Hugs, B

Kay G. said...

Oh, I am glad your Mom didn't take any crap from the nurses, good for her!
I LOVE your garden, those flowers are gorgeous!
And I am laughing...I also love those owl/baked potatoes!!

Christina said...

I'm so glad you're mom is doing better! LOVE LOVE the snowball bush! It's been chilly here, too. It's been the coolest spring since we moved here 7 years ago. Summer will be here soon though, right?

Hilary said...

Some lovely photos here.. flowers and sunsets and kiddos and baked potato owls. But the best is hearing that your mom is doing well. I think she's wonderful to have that nurse understand not to talk down to her. Hopefully, she'll think twice before treating the next patient that way.

Sush said...

Such great news about your Mom! I know how you feel about not living in the same place as your was that way for me until they had to evacuate N.O.
Your Mom also sounds a lot like my Mom she had 'the talk' and 'the look'...combine the two and it could turn you to stone!

I have a Miss Kim lilac, actually three and I love them. Heaven...scent, lol!

Kim said...

I am so proud of your Momma for standing up for herself. And hopefully her little "talk" will improve the interactions with patients in the future. Yay Momma!
There is a Miss Kim shrub?? I want one :)

Becky Jerdee said...

Wow, blooms, blooms, blooms! You are one lucky chick!

Cheltz said...

Good for your mom! I was going to comment on your 4th of July blog design, but then realized it was Memorial Day -- whoops :(. I would love to have your flowers in my yard!

Vicki Boster said...

Kay- I'm sure glad your cute Mama is doing better-- would have liked to be a little bird when she gave her nurse "what for"!! She has so much spunk-- I'm sure she will recover just fine!

Your blooms are so beautiful- the colors are just magnificent--