Sunday, May 12, 2013


This about says it all....I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I talked to my Mom and she sounded great and had a houseful of my siblings and Grandkiddos to make it noisy and fun!  Throw in phone calls from my brothers who live out of state...Wisconsin and Georgia....and little 'ol me from Ohio and she was feeling the love!  My Mom is the greatest Mom  ever and I can't wait to see her next week for her birthday.  I had some visitors too.  Yesterday afternoon Jack and I took care of Lexi and Addy  overnight so Phil and his wife Amanda could go out for his birthday.  Those girls are a bundle of energy! They were running:
Enjoying a painting project idea that I stole from my blog buddy Jilda,(Transformation Information)
That turned into these flower pots for Amanda for Mother's Day.

We did ours a bit different and they raided my button box to find some cool buttons to glue on the opposite side of the pots. I think they turned out cute!
We put together some necklaces too!
I was on call for surgery this weekend and was very lucky that I didn't get called out until this morning just as my son was pulling into the driveway to pick them up! Good timing! He brought some fun gifts.  I got some really nice things....a cup and saucer decorated by the girls...tea, honey and candy.  I got a lovely cookbook from my son Craig and his family and my son Jack stopped by, after a 13hr hospital shift, with pretty flowers.  My sweet hubby gave me a tripod and a monopod for my camera that I'm excited to try out.  Even though I had to work a bit today, it was a great day.  I relaxed, had an apple fritter, (yum!) and phone calls and visits from all my kiddos.  Thanks everyone!
I also picked some of my lilacs.  It's pretty chilly here this weekend.  Frost in the forecast for tonight so I decided I better get some bouquets of lilacs before the freeze gets them. I love the dark purple ones. We had been having much warmer weather and that brought out all the leaves.  A few posts ago I showed Eddy in the Creepy Woods:
Well, today I took another pic in the same place just to show the  difference.  It really turns it into the "Creepy" Woods with all the foliage out!
It was a busy, busy weekend but fun too...I can't believe another week is starting....Oh well! Goodnight!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! This is quite a coincidence. I could have used pictures #2, 4 and 5 (Lexi, Addy and the crafty flower pots) as illustration for tomorrow's blog post on SDM&M. You'll see what I mean.

I'm happy to know you had a nice Mother's Day even though you were on call. I know very well how disruptive it is to be on call because Mrs. Shady has call duty two or three times a week in the overnight hours. Sleep is a scarce commodity in our household.

I'm a dog lover and enjoy seeing pictures of your Eddy. It's hard for me to believe you're still having frost and freeze warnings up there this deep into spring. I hope you have a great week and a very special birthday celebration with your mother. Take care, dear friend YaYa!

Kim said...

Wow, what a difference in the creepy woods! You have lilacs already?? My tree is still without leaves even, let alone flowers. It's probably a mon away from lilacs. (My favorite)

Julia said...

Sorry that you had to work on Mother's Day but then so did I. It looks like you had a very busy day on Mother's Day. Love the before and after photos in the Creepy Woods.. It's amazing to see the difference.

Your lilac are way ahead of mine too. Things are greening up here too and with a bit of heat the lilac will hopefully bloom.


Bhushavali N said...

The kids are so adorable and I love the serene forest area!!! :)
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Cindy said...

So happy you managed to be in touch with everyone this Mother's Day!! Love the Before and After of the woods. Makes me realize how far we've come here in the Midwest!!

Munir said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom. Your Mom is adorable. God Bless her! and you guys of course.

Nonnie said...

The Creepy Woods are lovely, and not creepy at all with the foliage coming out. I like those flower pots - what a great idea and fun for your granddaughters to make a memory for their Mom. They are cute, cute girls and looks like they always have fun at YaYa's house. Glad you had a good Mother's Day, even though you were called in to work. I know somebody was grateful that you were there for them.

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Mother's Day Yaya! I hope you had a good one!

Becky Jerdee said...

I'm diggin' the creepy woods all dressed in green finery!!!

Cheltz said...

What a busy, happy Mothers Day you had! Your mother and I both have birthdays in the weeks around Mothers Day. I never really noticed until I became a Mom and started hearing from everyone two weeks in a row.

Sue said...

Those button pots are super cute!
And you got some great presents!!
But I'm sure the best of it all was having some of the family around...


PS. Sorry you had to be on call for Mother's Day!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Ewww YaYa, cool crafts! I'll have to try those with Lidia. And your lilacs are so pretty. The dark purple are my favorite, too. I am so glad you had such a special Mother's Day. You are just the sweetest thing. Thank you for your kind comments on my last post about saving the little boy from drowning. I had not thought of it the way you put it. I am so glad I was there. And I'm sure your patients feel like they have an angel with them under your care. Hope you have a great week!


Sweet Tea said...

What a busy weekend and what a lovely Mother's Day. It's so nice to be remember and even nicer to be celebrated, huh? Your "Creepy Woods" are BEAUTIFUL!!

Hilary said...

Sounds like you have a great day despite having to work. Your Creepy Woods are absolutely gorgeous to me.

Scriptor Senex said...

That sounds like how Mother's Day should be! And I love the flowerpots idea.