Thursday, March 31, 2011


When you're young you party on Friday and/or Saturday night. Atleast I think you do. It's been a while for me to really make a comment on party times. What I do know is when you're old, you party on Thursday night..or any other weekday night. The party is usually a "home selling party" know, selling things like containers, or things for your house. However, when the items are food and free samples are included, you can find me there! Tastefully Simple is a good product and I do enjoy many items they sell. I especially like/love the almond pound cake! So when invited by our hostess for this event (Shay), I couldn't refuse. My good buddy and partner in crime, Donna (Starkey Hollow) picked me up and off we went. It was a good turnout and I know we all made the perky, too skinny gal who never ate anything she passed around, very happy. This is Shay with D and Me..Shay has 6 children. The youngest are 3yr old twins. She deserves a medal and all the tastefully simple items she can earn for having this party on a school night!
Here are all the other party people. There are rules about a Tastefully Simple fav: "Don't yuk my yum". Of course that was after I gagged on the delish looking first sample that I thought was chocolate and it was coffee flavored slushie stuff. I'm not a coffee drinker. I got a dirty look..Donna saved me by drinking the rest of it for me. That's what friends are for!
I like to take shots of the food served..however this doesn't look too inspiring does it? And to think that some people actually bought hundreds of dollars of the stuff! I hadn't had dinner, so it really did taste good. Most of what we sampled were dips with beer bread chunked up. I don't drink and after tonight, I probably shouldn't eat beer either! Hey, I wasn't driving!
I don't know if anyone else had as much fun as Donna and I did. We were too busy laughing, being silly, taking pics of ourselves, and tasting all the food. Which was very good. However, we didn't win a thing, spent too much money (it was also a fund raiser for Relay for Life, so no guilt here)and were called "trouble makers"...Fine thing coming from someone who sells dip for a living! Yah, we're trouble makers for sure! (And proud of it)


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I just wish I could party with you and Donna. What a good time the three of us could telling what we would get into.
Love that you and Donna are such good buddies. When I think of you I think of her and vice
Toooooo bad your hubby with those spectacular hands and fingers is not in my neighborhood. I sure could use him right now.
If I could only tell on my site what is going on now you guys would flip but I have to wait since I don't know if work reads my site or not.
Love ya honey have a wonderful weekend and parrrrrtaaay some more
these are just great pictures of you guys

Catch the Kids said...

You naughty girls! I would love to sit down the back of the room with you and Donna sometime at a party. We'd have the funnest time. Especially if there's food involved. As you say, no guilt involved as it was all for charity. Looks like you had a blast!

Catch the Kids said...
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acorn hollow said...

It looks like you had fun. I have never heard of this kind of party.
When My daughter was young she use to say to her dad and I how can you stay home on a sat night? now that she is a mom she says I so want to stay home now I get it.

Bonnie said...

This looks like so much fun! Totally jealous.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kim said...

Any kind of event focused on friends and food sounds great.

Sue said...

Good for you guys, makin' a little trouble. Wish I'd been there to help!


Amy and Craig said...

you guys are so much fun! Makes me wish I'd gotten to go with you!

Donna said...

Hey Amy (above)...we remember you as the "Barefoot & Pregnant Tastefully Simple-ostess"! Too cute!! Wish you HAD been there!!

As for you, Ya-Ya troublemaker....thanks for the lovely photo!!! (Paybacks...)

Hope said...

sounds like an awesome time!
thank you for including us!

Munir said...

Your friend drank the rest of your drink. "That's what friends are for", I like that! I thought us mothers are the only one eating and drinking kid's left overs.

Stacy Crawford said...

You guys are always good for a giggle. Looks like great fun.

Holyoke Home said...

Thank god for women who are trouble makers!!!! You had me at 'beer bread'.