Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Jordan!

Today is Jordan's birthday...this is him as a wee babe..not that he was really ever "wee". He weighed 10lbs.8oz of pure ornery, funny, and loveable baby! He wanted to be born on April fools day but Hubby said "no way is any kiddo of mine going to be born on April 1" being the agreeable little dude that he was, he waited until the next day when we gave him the OK to come and meet us. And he sure did. Jordan likes to do things the easy way. He had to be a c-section because that was quicker and easier, he had to be bottle fed because that was quicker and easier. He had to be born last because, let's face it, the baby of any family has it easier than all the rest(we were tired by then!). So Happy Birthday Jordan. Thanks for all the gray hair, the sleepless nights, (his teen years), and also the fun and love you've given to us. I'm taking liberties to name a few of the things Jord loves..I'm sure he would agree!

He loves his crazy brothers!
He loves his nieces and nephews...shown here with Sophie...although he says he doesn't want kiddos of his own, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
He loves his cute girlfriend Loni!
He loves his dog do we!
He loves his Dad..shown here with 2 of his bros!
Most of all he loves his...Mom! Happy Birthday Jordan...we all love you too!


rosaria said...

Ohhh! Yes, he's a lovable young man. Happy Birthday, Jordan. You make your mom and dad very happy.

acorn hollow said...

Happy birthday Jordan. What wonderful pictures of your family.
I was the oldest of the family and it is a hard job being the oldest.

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Jordan. I can't believe you are 27. I hope you had a great day and great food at your mom's. We love your family too!

Munir said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan.
You are right, the youngest are easy going. They don't mind getting hand me downs. They are usually "Green People"

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan. I hoope he had a wonderful day.
You know honey after seeing your last few post and pictures of you I have to say your a lot prettier than my ex sister-in-law but I tell you there is a strong resembalance. haha
Hope you are having a great weekend

Donna said...

I remember the day he was born and seeing him in his isolette as he was going up to OB. He and all the bros are good looking men!! Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Sue said...

Aw, what a cute picture with his mom. Happy birthday, Jordan!


Hope said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! <3
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kristy said...

Such a nice photograph of you two at the bottom - you look awesome! Your last comment on my post about you as a favorite made me smile from ear to ear. You are so cute :) I am also very happy we met in the big ol internet. If you're ever in Canada - let me know! x

CHERI said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jordan! A boy that loves his mama gets my heart every time!

Amy and Craig said...

Happy Birthday Gordnut!We called yesterday and got to talk to him a bit. It was fun!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jordan! Your family looks so happy! I love it!! Family is everything!
Hugs to you Yaya!

Cheryl said...

Hi Yaya, I'm finally back after a hard 3 months of work! Glad to see your lovely family is still here for me to enjoy. Just loved the young photo and then all his "loves" - Happy Birthday Jordan!