Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter.. YaYa and PawPaw style

When I was growing up my Mother always made a cake in the shape of a lamb. She had this wonderful cast iron lamb cake mold that she got when she married in the 1940's. My sister and I would argue about who would get the mold when Mom died...sort of morbid, I know. But it was a good laugh..Mom has a good sense of humor...anyway I thought if we divided the mold and each took a half we would then have to spend our Easters together to make the cakes. Well, my brother Phil was at an antique show and saw this mold and bought it for me. I was so touched that he would remember that I always wanted one, and also so thankful for that thoughtful gift. I have made lamb cakes every year and even make them for friends and my own grown kids. It's those little traditions that make holidays special. I am a little bummed that Midge and I won't have to spend each Easter together however. This guy has a special spot on a shelf in my kitchen.
I decorated my lamb and gave him the cake stand of honor. When little Addy saw him she said "Oh look...a puppy!"..We had a good laugh because I remember my own boys saying the same thing when they were little!
Usually we have a big houseful of people for Easter dinner and the traditional egg hunt. This year Craig and his family couldn't come down from Michigan and Jack and his family were going to the in-laws. Jordan had dinner with his girlfriend's family although he did stop by for dessert and the egg hunt. So we had a much quieter dinner with Phil. It was very nice to be able to spend one on one time with them and the girls. Phil, Amanda and the girls arrived for dinner but little Addy was sound asleep. Both girls were so cute in their new dresses, hats, purses, and the white gloves where the crowning touch. So I quickly snapped Alexis while Addy slept. Unfortunately, I didn't get both together in their cute outfits, but I think Alexis looks adorable!
These two characters look a little lonely eating dinner...where did everyone go?
After Addy woke up she took a minute to bond with little Peter Cottontail...last year I think I blogged about this guy. He hops around and sings "Here comes Peter Cottontail"..and she was happy to reconnect..we just found him a bit annoying!
After a delish dinner, if I do say so myself, we had the indoor egg hunt. With baskets in hand they searched the house (since it was pouring rain outside!) and hunted in all the nooks and crannies here...
And here....
Success!....Now here's one happy little girl. She really had fun hunting for eggs!
As a final note, Jack always finds the cutest flower arrangements for me on holidays..and this is no exception...isn't she cute? This has been a quieter Easter than usual. But we had a wonderful afternoon with Phil and Amanda, Alexis, Addy and Jordan. I was pleased when our oldest son Jack and his family sat with us at Church this morning. Family is what makes this crazy life worth it and I'm so blessed with great kids and beautiful Grandkids. We missed having Craig and his family this year, but I talked with him yesterday and they were having fun with Amy's visiting family and enjoying that time together. Her sister won't always be living so close and I'm glad they have this special time together. I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday this year too. Now hopefully it will stop raining and get warm..I'm ready for Spring!


Stacy Crawford said...

I love the puppy cake and the chicky flower arrangement. It is so much fun to have family around.

Catch the Kids said...

What a great idea to bake a Cale. I'm keeping my eye out for a lamb tin now too...

acorn hollow said...

Well my stars those kids are just so cute in their easter dresses. Looks like easter was a success.
even the puppy cake.
we did not get to see our miss baby but have plans for this week.
have a great week.

Munir said...

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.
The girls look so cute in their dresses!
The flower arrangement is awesome:)

Kim said...

Your little easter egg hunters are just adorable in their little spring dresses.
Love the flower arrangement too.

Welcome to My Blog said...

These are such sweet pictures. I love to see Easter pictures of children in their new dresses. Reminds me of my childhood and the early years of my marriage.

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter!
Ann Carbine Best, Memoir Author

Donna said...

You are is what it's all about on special occasions like this. Sometimes when you have a quieter time than usual, it's nice just to focus on the few that are with you. With all the hub-bub you don't get to spend as much 1 on 1.
The girls look adorable in their dresses! That first pic of Alexis is just precious!! And Addy with her stuffed animal is too cute! She looks more like Phil each day!

Your lamb cake turned out wonderfully and bless that Jack, ~the flowers are so pretty!!
At our house the baklava was inhaled and I still have a little spanakopita left...yum!! Thanks again for the special treat.. Happy easter!!!

karen said...

I love your lamb cake - very cute! Even though it was raining, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Bonnie said...

We always have a ton of people come over to our house for Easter, but last year we had a much smaller group. Sometimes, the smaller groups are more fun because you get to spend individual time with people as opposed to listening to 234329 conversations at the same time.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sue said...

Cute, cute, cute! And I love your lamb cake tradition!


tattina said...

Such a nice post!
The little girls are wonderful!

Deb Shucka said...

So glad your Easter was a wonderful one. Thank you for sharing the great pictures. I had that same cake mold growing up - and turned it into a Holstein cow cake.