Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where The Heart Is

The previous post stated we took a road trip this weekend. I hadn't been home since Amy's wedding in October so I was looking forward to seeing family. We had a nice time and of course we laughed and played and ate good food! This house was built by my Dad in 1951. We had a fire when I was 10. Electrical wiring was the culprit..I was home alone with my younger sibs for just a short time while Mom and Dad went to the store. Thankfully I was able to get them all out of the house and no one was hurt. But the house upper floors were rebuilt and an extra bedroom and bathroom were added. Actually it turned out to be a blessing in a scary package! Two bathrooms were heaven sent! My parents raised 6 kids there. It wasn't big at all, but most homes built back then weren't the monuments to themselves that people build today. It's funny how you remember rooms being bigger than they are and I can honestly say I never felt like I was deprived or cramped there. It's amazing how many wonderful memories can be packed into a small space! So it sits and welcomes all who come to visit. No one is ever turned away or leaves hungry in my Mother's home. She is a true hostess with the mostess who believes in the "fishes and loaves" and has proved it many times! I feel very blessed that she's still with us and will celebrate her 85th birthday in May.
After all our junk was unloaded from the car, I took Driana and Summer to the mall for some walking and shopping and people watching. The first thing I had to do was embarrass them with this bear shot. Hey, what good are grandkiddos if you can't bug them a little! They were such good kids. I warned them that it could be dull because I was really there to visit with Mom and I didn't think we'd be going downtown Chicago this trip. They were excited just to take a road trip and they enjoyed the shopping at all the malls and outlets and seeing family. They are great travelers and Mom had fun seeing them and just enjoying their company. The other thing that was funny were all the people who thought they were bugged Dri who is almost 16 because Summie is 12!
Post embarrassing shot.
Taylor's birthday was a couple of weeks ago so he was happy to open his presents from us. I hope he enjoys them! I also gave him back his glasses he left at our house last time they visited..they're not real but for some reason he likes to wear them. Here he is with Amy and Craig..
And Katie and Sophie!
Mom and I took a walk and went by this park. When I was growing up it was all woods. I had many a fine time exploring and playing there. I know the park is now very pretty and has wonderful playground equipment, but somehow I don't think I would trade the adventures I had in what we always called "witches willow" for anything.
It was great to see my brother Greg. He stopped by to get some plants from Mom's yard. She and Midge were thinning out many of the hostas and day lilies that are everywhere...Jack helped him dig and load up the truck and I think he was very glad that he didn't have to help plant all those. Hey, I have a ton of plants that need thinning so come on out and dig away!
When we visit Mommo we always go to church with her and my Sis. I was raised Catholic, but even though I'm not one now, I do enjoy going to the service with them and I know it makes my Mom happy to have us there. Our friend and Mom's former Pastor, Fr. Damien, was doing the service at the church in Westmont. He retired from their church last year and he subs for priests that are on vacation. He is greatly missed by my family. It was fun to see him again. That's my Sis standing next to Mom, we kinda look alike so I thought I'd better clarify!
I may be biased, but my Mom is a babe!
Yep, dead to the world...not only was Summer sleeping with her face buried in a pillow, she had on sunglasses that left a red mark on her forehead...Making fun of Grandkiddos is almost more fun than making fun of your own kiddos!


Desiree said...

What a lovely trip down memory lane you had, Yaya! Super to have been able to share it all with you, here. You have every reason to be proud of your family and your Mum looks amazing! I, too, thought that your granddaughters looked like twins in the first photo and can see the strong likeness between you and your sister, too.

Donna said...

I certainly can see why YOU are the hostess with the your mom! You and Midge are so like her! happy birthday to your mom next month! Bless all her 85 years!
Man, Summer without glasses looks JUST like Driana!! I know why people thought they were twins! I would have too. (poor Driana, I know what it's like to be the older one, people thought my sister and I were too) They are starting to look like models!
I'm so glad you got to have time to see Craig and Amy's family too. I know it's been a disappointment to have had to cancel plans to go there this rough winter. What a bunch of cute grandchildren you have! The pic of Katie
and Sophie is just adorable!
I'm sure you are tired today with such a busy weekend but probrobably a happy tired. Renewed and does that to you, and so does going to CHICAGO!

acorn hollow said...

Lucky Lucky you and she is lovely to have your mom and for her to be so spry You have good genes coming your way.
the girls do look like twins.
glad you took us along on your visit.

karen said...

How beautiful your trip was! Your granddaughters are beautiful. I always loved (and still love) spending time with my grandmother. It's so special, and they're lucky to have you. Your mom is adorable, and it's sweet you go to church with her. Moms love that. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures!

Stacy Crawford said...

What a great trip. I'm glad you got to relax with your peeps for awhile. Kayla will be venturing to the big city this weekend.

Bonnie said...

I love your family pictures. Is it weird that I totally love creeping on them??? You always look like you have so much fun!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! You were almost having too much fun making fun of the grandkiddos! ^_^ How nice to have such a good family time. A little gardening, a little shopping, a little fooling around....SCORE!...And you're right...your mom is quite a looker! ^_^

Sue said...

Wow, you really do look like your sister, and your mom looks wonderful. (I'd be happy to look half as good at that point in my life!)

I love that you make a point to attend her church; I'll bet that makes her happy to have you there with her.


Munir said...

Your family is beautiful. If your heart is with them, who can blame you.
You don't have any idea how I wish I lived close by so I could get some plants from you. You want them thinned don't you? All kinds of trees and plants make me so homesick even after being in America since 1974.

Kent and Leisy said...

your mom is such a babe :) and you are too! looks like you guys had a blast!!

Holyoke Home said...

I don't think I've ever heard of a spookier place than 'witches willow'!

Darlene said...

Your beautiful granddaughters look alike and you and your sister look alike. What's with that? It does sound as if you had a great time with all. Your mom looks great! She is just 11 months older that I am. I'll be 84 on the 23rd of this month.

Hilary said...

How lovely. So nice to be able to visit with family.

Deb Shucka said...

It looks like the trip is meeting and exceeding your expectations. I'm so glad for you. Your mom is gorgeous!

Jilda said...

thanks for sharing your family! Cherish those times, we had a big family in a small house for years when I was a kid. Your flowers are beautiful too, glad spring has finally paid you a visit.