Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fungus Among Us

Today at work one of the girls was talking about mushroom hunting. It's a big thing around these parts! If a good spot is found, it's guarded with a I said she and anyone else who wanted too, could come and hunt in our Creepy Woods..With that in mind, I thought I would take a quick hike up between raindrops tonight to see how much vegetation had sprung up. I was curious to see if we did indeed have any mushrooms. With all the rain and mild temps these past few days, it should be a good shroom season. As you can see, the may apples and other greenery have really started to pop up. It won't be long until it will be a true forest again. I don't venture much up here in the Summer. It's too buggy and unless I'm willing to weed wack every week, too overgrown! Pretty much it's a 3 season hike. I may have to snap a pic later on to show how lush it gets.
Our creek that runs from the Creepy Woods on down to our side yard is usually a trickle or very see it flowing like this is a testament to how much rain we've been getting. It looks pretty, sounds lovely, but frankly, I'm ready for some sun or I'll be turning into a shroom myself!
This was the closest thing to a fungus I found..don't worry, I know this isn't the eating kind..besides I never would eat a mushroom that is picked from the woods. If I want one, I'll go where God intended me to go get one..the grocery store.
I may not have found any edible shrooms...but we have a wonderful crop of golf balls!


Stacy Crawford said...

I've gone mushroom hunting twice with Kyle, they only thing I found was a tick crawling up my leg.

I love your grocery theory. Wish you could get morels there.

Darlene said...

Your woods sound so interesting. I love the name. I suppose it really could be creepy when everything is lush. As for mushrooms, I absolutely love them and would use them almost daily if they didn't cost an arm and a leg. I know that all of our groceries have gone up in price, but mushrooms seem to be really high. They have reduced the sise of the box from 8 oz to 60z and it costs anywhere from $l.50 to $1.79 for this measly little box. Do you have to pay that much for mushrooms in Ohio?

Please continue to take and post pictures of your Creepy Woods. I will look forward to them.

Catch the Kids said...

You made me laugh with your title. I lOVE mushrooms, any way, any time. But like you, I'll be getting them from the shops...

acorn hollow said...

I with you I would not trust mushrooms picked in the woods.
but do like your crop of golf balls

Kim said...

I'm fascinated by your creepy woods - Spooky!
I agree with the grocery store. Just my luck I would pick magic mushrooms and get all wonky!

Sue said...

I'm glad you're careful about the mushrooms. I've heard too many stories of people eating the wrong ones and destroying their livers.

Of course, a nurse would be far too savvy to do that!

I am fascinated, as others are, with your creepy woods. Love it!


Munir said...

I also think that getting mushrooms from the supermarket is the best way to be safe. A couple of years ago a woman died not too far from here from eating mushrooms that she found on the side of a rest stop on interstate 84.
The pictures of the woods are quaint enough for a setting for a kid's adventure book:)

Donna said...

Who golfs?

We actually have some mushrooms in our yard...not enough to do too much but found a few last year. They are awesomely delicious! Malabar inn has them in season soon too.

Thought you were going to do Steph's owl?

rosaria said...

There are courses you can take on mushroom identification. I have no confidence in my abilities to select the appropriate species, though I'm tempted to pick and cook those that grow in my yard all the time.

Yes, I go to the grocery store and pay big bucks for such delicacies.

Deb Shucka said...

Well at least it wasn't a wasted trip to your woods!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Glad to here you still shop at the grocery stores. lol
Interesting post and glad I got to come by here tonight and catch up with you. I am so far behind with everyone.
Wanted to thank you for your comment about my daughter. Everytime I think of it I get so angry. She has not felt good since it happened so I may go there tomorrow if I can drive and bring her back home with me.
Hope all is well and I have missed you

Anonymous said...

The golf balls: that twist at the end. Love it!

And I love the word "shroom." Never knew that was their nickname.

The woods are lovely, as the poet said. But with much rain there are things growing and flying that I wouldn't want to tangle with.

Always love your photographs. Keep posting them!
Ann Best, Memoir Author

karen said...

That sounds so romantic to go mushroom hunting. Your woods look beautiful - but I hear ya about the bugs. I wouldn't know a good mushroom from a bad one - I am one who needs to get them at the store.

Munir said...

Thanks for the congratulations.
That Texas sheet cake does look Yummy.
I lived in England for two years and my husband lived there for eight years. The most scrumptious desert he brought home was Mr.Kipplers mince pie. It was made with crushed fruits like apples, raisins and god knows what else but it was delicious. May be I can ask Hillary if she would know the recipe.