Friday, March 11, 2011


We woke up to this scene today. Yes, it was very beautiful and I thought I would snap some pics. They didn't turn out great, but they do show the thick, sort of wet snow that hit us again. Our yard is very saturated. If you see spots were there is no snow, that's because it's water. When this melts it will just add more fuel to the flooding. Griping about the weather has become a daily event in my life... Then I saw the tsunami in Japan. I'm sure my mouth was open in shock watching the cars, homes, roads, and most importantly, people being washed away. The destruction, horror, sadness and loss of so many families is very hard to comprehend. Our Church has many Missionaries in Japan. Young men and women and older couples who give 2yrs service without compensation to serve the Lord. I pray for them and their families along with the people of Japan. I pray for our west coast, but am grateful that minimal damage was done and hopefully it will stay that way. Paradigm shifts..perspective if you will. My little inconveniences this past winter are nothing in the whole scheme of things. I am blessed.


Nezzy said...

Kinda puts things in perspective doesn't it??? I've been complaining about our winter right and left. I'm just ashamed of myself.

Our church too has missionaries in Japan and I have several bloggy friends there too I haven't heard from today.

My heart and prayers are with that nation.

Have a beautiful day filled with warm wonderful blessings sweetie!!!

acorn hollow said...

Oh yaya I am so sorry you have snow again. But you are taking it with grace. If I see spring I will send her your way. cause she hasn't been here yet.
as the they say in England stiff upper lip mate.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'll take a couple inches of snow anyday over earth shattering disasters. We are blessed!

BTW, with my stronger settings I don't think it will tell you when I update my blog. You might just want to peek now and again.

Donna said...

I took pics this morning too but haven't posted yet. You are right...all our problems look like ant hills when compared to others and Japan sure has theirs right now!
Your cake for Susie yesterday was such a nice thing to do and the pic looks delish!!

Kim said...

Yes it does put things in perspective. We are lucky to live where we do and not have to suffer through the tragedies that many parts of the world endure.

Catch the Kids said...

It was a terrible shock, wasn't it. Those pictures were so awful. I turned the TV off because I didn't want my girls to see those visuals. It would have given them nightmares for weeks and they're too young to really understand. My heart goes out to the people affected. It will be such a hard re-buildiing.

Sue said...

The snow is so peaceful, though I know you are probably ready for an end to it by now.

Japan is a tragedy. Some of our beaches in Santa Cruz were even closed due to effects from the tsunami. Amazing the power of the disruption in the ocean floor could extend that far.

I bet our missionaries will be doing a lot of humanitarian service in Japan.


rosaria said...

I think what happened in Japan is changing us all. We feel so humbled in the face of so much destruction and loss.

CHERI said...

Yaya, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I know you had a post awhile back about turning your blog into a book and I meant to bookmark it but forgot. Could you please tell me who to contact? I think I might like to do that too or at least do my son's blog for a gift. Like you, I am praying for the people of Japan. Can't believe you still have snow. Today was definitely an early spring day here in south GA...about 71 beautiful sunshiny degrees!

Hope said...

you are absolutely right, Yaya! when I posted my poem today, I was thinking the same thing about the horror in Japan and how I should not complain about the winter but I see your concern with the thought of flooding.

I like your photo's mind you. they do depict the winter scene nicely and I do hope you are not faced with flooding.

perhaps we need to do a Spring dance of some sort :)
take care!

Karen Whittal said...

I think it is important everyday to raally be thankful for our blessings, there are millions much worse off than us, and with my work with the children I see it everyday.