Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unusual Fund Raiser

Our Boy Scout troop had a fund raiser today. They've sold many different items to help pay for summer camp...Christmas wreaths, candles, recycled metal..lots of projects over the years. Today they did something different. Aultman Hospital came and did a blood drive at the Church. The troop will get money depending on the number of donors. We had a good turnout. But that can be deceiving...not everyone who comes can give. Some are turned down for physical reasons. Some for traveling out of the country...some because they are big sissies! Ok, just kidding there. I know the boys were thankful for all that gave life giving blood for those in need. Grateful for all that ventured out on a very rainy Saturday. Working in surgery I see many pints given for patients who are very grateful for the gift of blood donation. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. There are many reasons for not donating. But if you can, or never have before, please consider this easy way to help. You never know, it could be you or a family member who will need it.
Jack doesn't like to donate..not that he's afraid, or hates needles or anything like that. His blood just seems to take forever to flow! Not today though. It was fine and he was in and out quickly. He's a good example to our Scout troop. Someone the boys can look up too. Plus he's O pos...a good flavor!
I didn't even flinch.
Drip, Drip, Drip...Actually, more like flow, flow, flow..
Well, that didn't take too long! Hopefully this pint of A pos. will make someone's day a bit better.
I don't hog all the fun. I called Donna (Starkey Hollow) and she came over to spend this rainy afternoon donating for the cause. Thanks good friend! The Boy Scouts thank you too.
After donating my pint of life, I headed over to my fav store..Aldi...and they had pineapple on sale for $1.25...Yummy..also strawberries for 1.45 a pound. That's not only a good buy, that's good eatin'!
MMMMMMMMMMMM....I see fruit salad in my future!


acorn hollow said...

That was a good fund raiser. I have spent the week eating pineapple and strawberries. They were so sweet and good.

Sue said...

We've definitely held blood drives in our building, but never as a fund raiser. I'd never even thought of it!

Not a bad idea, either...


Karen Whittal said...

Must say, I just hate needles, "luckily" I have always suffered from low iron, so have never been allowed to give blood............ but admire people who do, my eldest daughter has a rare blood type and is often phoned to give blood.

Kim said...

What a great idea - helping 2 causes at once. And a nice fruit salad after to build you back up - perfect.

Stacy Crawford said...

Thanks for giving. I would have if I hadn't been with my spelling bee kiddo.

Love the pineapple and strawberries, might have to make a pit stop after work.

Deb Shucka said...

So glad the blood drive went well. It's cool seeing the pictures of all of you giving. I bought strawberries this week for the first time this season and have savored every single bite.

Donna said...

Hey, I think that tech is giving me a sure sign of spring....a bird!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that yummy pineapple! Great treat after giving blood.

I would give if I could. But since I only weigh 89 pounds they won't let me!

Sounds like a successful fund raiser for the scouts. We usually get a good turnout, too, with this.

I always love to see photos, the personal touch. Glad the blood flowed for your husband. The last time I took my disabled daughter for a blood test, which was last week, they couldn't get anything. Finally gave up. She can wait for awhile and go to our local blood clinic where they have phlebotomists who can do the difficult ones!! Jen HATES getting her blood drawn. I'll have to show her your smiling face!!

Life 101 said...

Hey Yaya. If I lived closer I would donate but the commute would kill me.
Do you have a Paypal account? I'll send you a donation for the troops.

Christina said...

Great idea for a fundraiser! Raising money and doing something charitable at the same time! I love me some Aldi, too. Our's is about 30 minutes away, so we go grocery shopping every two weeks. Yeah I'm jealous of Ashland for having a big beautiful one so close to you. That fruit salad looks to yummy!

Hope said...

wonderful idea for a fundraiser! looks good on you and Donna.

wonderful photo's as usually
have a great day!

Darlene said...

That is a good idea for a fundraiser. I have always had a problem because I am on the other end. I had to have a couple of pints of blood transfused a few years ago and since then I have my hemaglobin tested every month. If it is too low, I have to have an iron infusion. They can't figure out why I lose blood. I've had all the tests but to no avail. It's particularly bad because I am AB negative, so rare.

I too loved your pictures. It was so fun to see a different picture of you. You really are a very attractive woman. Fun to see Donna's too. I assume the handsome Jack is your husband.

Wish I could eat fresh pianapple. I can eat the canned, but the fresh I am allergic too. Thanks for letting me into a bit more of your life. I love your blog.....and you.

karen said...

What a great idea! I would love to give blood but prednisone and Enbrel make it a no go for me. Such a shame because I don't mind needles and my veins are so big and easy to find!
The pineapple looked soooo good!

Z said...

I am a blood donor, but there's no money to be made from it in England! My daughter is O negative, so her blood is very useful as a universal donor - but she's pregnant so can't donate at present.

I don't know why, but they've had a lot of problems of late with people feeling faint recently, so they make sure you drink a lot of water now.

Jilda said...

Yaya, great going with the fund raising! I have tried to donate blood, several times,the last time I went to the Red Cross, they told me not to ever come back. Oh well.
The fruit, I could live on fruit! Most days I do. I hope you have sunshine this week.

Hilary said...

Ahh good for you. I do give blood occasionally even though I've been told (more than once) not to bother because my blood also flows so slowly. They usually go through 3 donors on the next bed before mine is done. That's embarrassing but I don't care.. I still try to be positive.. just like my blood type (B pos). ;)

Kristy said...

What a lovely fundraising idea! The first time I donated blood I got a natural high because I felt so good about it (even though I cried at first because I'm scared of needles ha!) Good for you for donating. x