Monday, February 28, 2011

Slosh, Slosh and Celebrate

Yesterday the weather was warming up. The snow was perfect for snowmen to be created. Anthony and his brother Cameron were giving it their best efforts. But the snow would soon give way to something else.

Around 3am I woke up to hear the rain just coming down in buckets..I couldn't help but think of Noah. Did his neighbors wake up to a sound as scary as this? Did they think that maybe he wasn't such a nut case after all? I kept thinking..Am I prepared for a house that could wash away? A basement that could flood? It was very scary to hear the wind and the rain just pelting the house. When I got up later, it had stopped raining, but I went outside to see the damage. All I heard was this roaring sound of rushing water. I realized it was our creek. It doesn't usually have enough umpf to make that noise. I threw on my boots and coat and headed across the yard. This area is a planting area and it does sometimes flood, but this was crazy! I wonder if any plants will survive. There is a spot under a tree in this area that has the grave of our little dog Ferris. Hopefully, that will not wash away!
This gentle, usually just a trickle of a creek was roaring by! This pic doesn't do justice to the height of the water or the speed.
Today is my birthday and Donna (Starkey Hollow) invited me out for a birthday lunch and to get there I had to traverse some crazy water and routes. This road was closed. That is usually a farmer's field and the water is right up against the road. Needless to say, I turned around and headed the other way.
This road was also closed. It took me a bit longer to get to our lunch rendezvous, but I did and we had a really nice lunch and a nice time to just sit and gab about everything from work, to kids, to silly things. Good girlfriend time!
If you know me, you know that my favorite sandwich is a ruben..Yum! So of course I had to order that. And if you really know me you know I always take pics of my food. Hey, I'm a blogger!
Along with my yummy lunch I received this awesome package. Nobody, and I mean nobody can wrap a gift like Donna. I didn't even care if it was an empty box because her bows and wrapping are a gift themselves! However, there was something cool in that box..
Inside that beautifully wrapped package was this...a lovely lunch has compartments inside and a icepack and it's insulated. I always bring my lunch most days and Donna noticed the not-so-cute box I was toting. She's so thoughtful! Thanks so much Donna! BFF! So even though the rain and flooding were a bit worrisome, the day turned out great. I stayed home and did nothing but read, relax and enjoy a quiet birthday.


Stacy Crawford said...

I'm glad you had a great day and Kyle would envy that sandwich. Crazy weather we are having. Happy Birthday.

Sue said...

What a thoughtful (and really cute) gift!

You and Donna are lucky to have each other.


PS. Glad your b-day was fun despite the weather...

Kent and Leisy said...

happy happy birthday yaya!! you are wonderful and deserve the best day ever! that sandwich looks delish! I'm glad you always take pics of your food :)

Kim said...

All those water pictures are scary. How nice that you got to birthday lunch with a friend despite the detours.
Cute lunch bag. Last year a friend gave me one - only mine had Dora the Explorer on it. I have to wonder what he was thinking??

Donna said...

It was fun to connect today just because we both could be off at the same time! Just having the time to talk about everything was really fun and you always make me laugh...thankyou!! That's a TRUE gift!!
Happy Birthday dear friend and many, many more!!

Amy and Craig said...

Happy Birthday Mommo! We were so sad you weren't here to enjoy your Snow White (aka Kathy Starkey) barbie cake! Maybe we'll recreate it sometime!

rosaria said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Day! Too bad you had to fight the weather to go celebrate with a fellow blogger. Are you two related? Sometimes it is not that obvious to us occasional readers.

Tell Donna she is a great gifter!

Catch the Kids said...

Wow. Does Donna want to fly over to Brisbane next year and come to lunch on my birthday? That's a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Those creeks look a little scary. Hope they settle down and you get your roads back.

(PS I can't think of a better way to enjoy a birthday than tucked up reading a book).

Karen Whittal said...

Glad your all safe, no damage, and that you had a great afternoon. And what a beautiful gift I can just picture you with it.

acorn hollow said...

A very happy Birthday. Glad you got to have your lunch. and a Ruhben is what I would order also. My husband hates them so I get them only when I get out. We are on Vacation and the weather is wonderful but home is not freezing rain and sleet. Want to get home to see that grand baby but not the weather.

Holyoke Home said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!! Wow. That wrapping is amazing.

The rain you got was freezing rain up here. Yesterday morning EVERYTHING was covered in sheet ice for about 2 hours. It was really scary.

karen said...

Happy Birthday! And what a nice one you had despite the iffy beginning. The flooding would have been a little scarey but you persevered! I love your lunch tote. I bring my lunch every day too and my mom gifted me with a very pretty bright red one recently. I love yours. I think the sandwich I like is a Rachel: Pastrami (or is is corned beef?) with cole slaw and swiss cheese. YUM. It would have been fun to have lunch with the two of you!

Hope said...


what a beautiful header photo.
beam me up Scotty! :)

your pics are awesome. Rain, we keep wishing for the snow to stop but i suppose it will soon enough and yes, that is a beautifully wrapped gift!

so glad you had a special birthday lunch. they are always so much fun!
take care!

Jilda said...

YaYa, Happy Belated Birthday!
Cute bag, great lunch!
So glad you had a good day!

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful way to start a new year.

The flooding is amazing. Those pictures make me grateful we live too high for our flooding river to matter.

The picture of the reuben and fries made my mouth water!