Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Those who read my blog noticed that I changed the header pic..it used to be similar to this one of our pine trees at the end of the drive...they welcome all who enter with a happy heart. I have photographed them in winter, spring and summer..fall doesn't count because they don't change color! But I think I jinxed us. Did you ever have a flu that hit you hard, unexpected? Really miserable? So sick you were afraid you wouldn't die? That was how I'd describe this snow storm that hit us last night. It had been really pleasant. The temps last week were in the upper 50's..even 60 one day. I could see my bulbs coming up! I was so giddy I put this header pic of our backyard from last July. Then out of nowhere, BAMB!!! We got slammed with 8in. of snow and ice that fell very fast and furious...but then this morning it was calm, quiet, and someone said even the sun shown for a bit. I wouldn't know because I was holed up in the surgery dept...no windows..The drive home was much more pleasant this afternoon and all that's left is a snow covered landscape, and memories of shoveling out and making donuts for everyone last night when we came in! Donuts make everything better..but the real dilemma...should I change the pic back to snow covered pines and take this curse away?

My chairs...the ones that I sit on with a book when the sun is shining..even on cold days! Poor babies!
Even though we've had a cold and icy winter, the amount of snow has been manageable, only accumulating 3 or 4in. at a time. But with the amount that hit us last night the new, never used this season snow blower got baptized...It works!
Even with a snow blower, shoveling is necessary.
Please don't hit me with the snow shovel...yes, I'm sick of it too, and yes I will always carry my camera and snap a pic when you least expect it..and remember I'm your Mamma...May this be the last of the snow pics...(can't promise though!)


karen said...

That's a lotta snow... I hope you have your sunny days back soon! For what it's worth, though, the snow makes everything so quiet and beautiful - as long as you can stay indoors with freshly made donuts!

Sue said...

I love that last photo. The look on his face is classic.


Donna said...

I'm blogging about the snow too...we got more than you did...yeck!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH No I am so sorry to read this...gezzzz I was hoping you guys were still having some 60 weather. Goodness how you cope is beyond me. I love the look on his face but we all don't blame him.
So I won't tell you about our weather. haha
Love ya

Kristy said...

That is so much snow! Almost looks like New Brunswick! You have such a nice blog x


Jilda said...

for homemade donuts, I'll come shovel your snow and sing you a song!

Life 101 said...

Yaya, it will be spring before you know it and all this talk of snow will be a memory.
I see you started following my wife Jilda. Thanks.
And thank for all your great comments on my blog.

Kim said...

Yeah, Mother Nature has been in a real nasty mood this year! Add me to the group that is sick, sick, sick of the snow.
I love the new header picture. Not sure if it is a jinx or not but I am just craving images that are not covered in white.

acorn hollow said...

We still have alot of snow on the ground and we usually get snow up through March so I ams sure we are not done. keep it spring it is bound to come sooner or later.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and my eyes widened at these snow pics. Lol. That is a LOT of snow! I used to live in Ohio (Akron area) and I remember dealing with all that snow all winter long. Sigh. I don't envy you for that. ;)

Cute blog! I love your header. It's very pretty. xo

Stacy Crawford said...

I like the hope of your new header. Kyle said it's forcasted for up to 9 inches of snow on Thursday night....good thing there aren't windows in the surgery department.

Karen Whittal said...

I like the photo's with the snow, they are so beautiful, and they just welcome the people because of the people inside, send some snow this way we are melting in the heat.