Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Cat's Meow

Somebody, or some cat I should say, is not happy...the following picture is probably the reason why.
Look who came for lunch on Saturday..Eddy and Jordan! We do miss them, but it makes the visits fun. Eddy can't run free in his new neighborhood, so Jordan brings him out to "blow the stink off" as my Grandpa used to say. The snow and ice are hard on his paws when he does go for a walk around his new home. But he was happy to go see the woods and yard although he came in for a few breaks.
Man and beast head up to the woods for a jaunt in the blowing, snowy day. The backyard is a sheet of ice under that layer of snow. As much as I want it to melt, the thought of all that liquid running toward the house in making me a little nervous. Hopefully it will melt slow and just sink in and water the lawn.
Hang in there little rhododendron, you'll be in bloom in a few months..Unless Mother Nature continues to goes crazy!


acorn hollow said...

so funny my mother use to say go on out and play blow the stink off you. She said that because being locked in with the weather we got pretty stinky to each other. I am with you we need spring so badly. I have had it.
thanks for you vist.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

YaYa I think my Tinkerbell would of been under the bed in this situation. hahaha There would of been no time for pictures.
That saying blow the stink off is toooooo funny.
We got just a tad of what you guys have all winter last week. It snowed here but to you guys a sprinke.
Mother Nature needs to shift gears now for a very very early spring. This ole grandma can't handle the temps in the teens.
Love ya

Hope said...

poor kitty! :)
but puppy looked happy!

just when nature gives us a taste of spring, snow melting and roads getting slushy, that kind of thing, she slips us right back where we are suppose to be, blowing snow and cold. oh well, spring will come to us all. I keep telling myself to be patient.

enjoy your days regardless

and just in case you are interested i started a new blog at
drop by when you have the time

take care!

Sue said...

My dad used to say "blow the stink off you," too. I haven't heard that for years!


CHERI said...

What a cute dog! But I can see why your cat would be unhappy. Hopefully they got along well.

Donna said...

-as for me...just want to see that rhodedendron bloom!!!!

Stacy Crawford said...

Never heard blow the stink off before. I'm glad Eddie still gets to come over to play.

Rose said...

it's important we all get out of the house,but with ice and too much snow, well...stay warm rose

Deb Shucka said...

Great cat picture! They don't share well at all, do they?

Nezzy said...

Ahhh, I'm down here on the snowy Pondeorsa clickin' my manure stompin' barn boots together sayin', "There's no place like Spring, there's no place like Spring!" Baby, it's been snowin' like crazy and I'd love to see that rhododendron in full bloom! :o)

God bless ya and have a most fantastic day sweeite!!!

karen said...

I've never heard that expression but I love it. You live in a beautiful area!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your so funny! In answer to your comment about my SIL no this one was no way close to your beauty.
The one I am talking about is Becky and she was my husbands sister. I will maybe over the weekend drag out the old pictures and see if I can scan them for you

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Opps I forgot yes you are loyal and I love you

Darlene said...

Mother Nature has gone crazy I think. I feel so sorry for so many people who are experiencing the terrible snow with all the ice under it! I hate to even mention how beautiful our weather is here. No wonder people come from far and wide to spend the winter months. We get so many people from Canada that our newspaper reserves a whole page for them to get Canadian news. How's that for accomodating?

Your poor little kitty did look unhappy but it WAS nice that Eddie had a chance to do a little running around.