Saturday, February 26, 2011

What We Missed

We made a executive decision on Friday morning not to go to Michigan this weekend. We had planned on heading up to see Craig, Amy and the 3 monkey kiddos. We were going to head up after work, but we had no way of knowing just how bad the roads would be by then, plus, since we'd be driving in the dark by the end of the trip, it seemed the right thing to do. So we missed out on a few fun things we had planned..the following are pics of those fun things...or I should say people that we missed out on. But we will reschedule and hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate.
First and foremost...these are the 3 monkeys we missed...They are a hoot!

These two wild and crazy women on the left were suppose to come up and visit on Saturday. So I missed hanging out and having a good laugh with them. See 'ya in Chicago soon though!
Guess I'll just have to sit and look at this face instead...Help me!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday dear friend....sorry you missed your own party!!! We'll have to make up for it Monday!!!

Karen Whittal said...

From Donna's comment i assume it is your birthday today, so just wanted to say....... happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kathy happy birthday to you....... hip hip......... horay.....have a great day

Amy and Craig said...

We were so sad you couldn't come but so glad you were home safe and sound this weekend. Our roads are a major mess right now! We'll meet up soon!

Catch the Kids said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry the weather was so nasty and you couldn't make it to see everyone. Especially the ones in the first photo with the cute chubby cheeks!

Those icy/snowy roads are seriously scary though. Hubby and I drove through snowy Europe one time. Never again. I'm sure my fingerprints were embedded on the dashboard by the end of the trip!

Stacy Crawford said...

Hope you get to see them soon. Maybe you can do a one month birthday party.

acorn hollow said...

Oh it was your birthday! Happy birthday and so sorry you missed the kiddo's winter is so hard.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! (Even though I think you tried to keep it a secret) Thanks Donna! :)
Anyway Kathy I'm sorry your trip got cancelled but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sue said...

Sorry you missed the fun, but it sounds like the right decision. The weather can be treacherous, especially in the dark.

Hopefully, you'll see everybody soon!


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for your comment on my previous post. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to read it as I feel that it is an important message many women choose not to acknowledge. x

Take care and I hope you get to see the monkeys soon!

karen said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you had to miss out on the fun! Better safe than sorry though - and there will be another time - so I'm happy you decided to play it safe. Your grandkids are darling!

karen said...

And Happy Birthday! I forgot the most important part of the comment!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady! I so wish you a very very Happy Birthday and many more.
Wish I were there to take u out for your big day. Maybe next year!
Your such a sweetheart leaving me a great commment today. So glad my son shares his special day with such a lovely person and friend.
Your twins birthday is June 3 I Been too long since I celebrated with her.
Love ya