Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sweetest Day

This Friday we got a call from the newly weds, Amy and Eric, asking if they could stop by on their way back from Niagra Falls to stay over night and visit before heading back to Chicago. We had a great time! Friday night they and Phil and Amanda went up to Akron to the Haunted School House and really had fun! Saturday we were up and out to first get Amy an adjustment from her Uncle Jack and then on to a few spots they wanted to see. Someone, I won't mention who, left their camera at home. Someone, I won't mention who, never does this...except that day. So someone, I won't mention who, missed some great Kodak moments like the Parsley Pot and the Grandpaws Cheese Barn Van...It made someone, I won't mention who, very mad. They then headed back to Chitown with a car full of goodies, happy memories from the Falls, and a shot gun. I forgot to mention that Eric and the other guys went to the Fin,Feather, and Fur outfitters while the women folk hit the "girlie" places.It was a Sweetest Day treat!Then this afternoon Jack and I decided to take a little drive to drop off some things at the kids place in Nankin. We got to chat with Steph and her brother and give the kiddos all hugs and kisses! We don't get to see them as often as we would like because of their, and sometimes our, busy schedules so it was great to see them. Then we headed off to the cemetery to visit Jack's parents, and his brother's graves. I don't know why, but I love to walk around a cemetery, read head stones...crazy I know, but Ashland has a beautiful one that many people use as a walking area. Very peaceful and this time of year very beautiful. Their graves were all decked out and looked lovely. We sure miss them.
I think this may be the last weekend for good fall color. This tree is at it's peak.
The reds of these trees were so pretty, I just had to click a pic!
Now this is really sweet...little Cameron playing with someone's phone. He is always eager to smile and say "cheese".
This was a sweet thing that Jack did...very pretty! Thanks Babe!


Hope said...

this is a lovely post, Yaya! Thank you

love the photo's, wonderful colors.

Interesting to know that there are more people out there that enjoy browsing graveyards. I think for me, it has something to do with history and the future all in one. Sometimes you come across some pretty ancient headstones. i don't go out of my way to go to one but I'm certainly not uncomfortable in them.

thank you for your post
take care

Rose said...

well,sometimes, we just forget the camera. after this, i don't think it will happen again. sounds like a great time with all. great photos. i, too like to go and read grave markers. take care. rose

Sue said...

It's always fun to spend time with newlyweds and see family. Glad you got to do both!

I really enjoy cemeteries. The one near my home i peaceful and lovely, and I like reading the loving inscriptions.


Karen Whittal said...

I just love your posts on your family, my family is all over the world, when we came to South Africa it was just the 5 of us, no aunts or uncles or "Yaya's" and I think we really missed out on so much.

Rose said...

good Tuesday. thanks for your comment on my post re horses. what is it with animals? you, dog, we, horses. i guess we have a soft heart. i would rather be that way then cold heart. have a good day. rose

Donna said...

Hey, the graves look lovely even if that's the best you could find to photograph from a fun weekend!! Cute, cute pic of Cam though!! lol! Jack did well with the flowers...very pretty!!!

CHERI said...

Wonder who that person is that you won't mention...hmmm? Can't tell you the number of times I've forgotten my camera!!! I too love to walk around old is so peaceful. Sounds like you and your family are always making beautiful memories.

Phil and Amanda said...

We had sooo much fun! Thanks for watching the girls and well, for EVERYTHING else you do! :-) We went to the cemetary a couple weeks ago, Phil wanted to visit his grandparents too. The flowers there always look pretty. Love you!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Don't u just hate it when you have those moments and no camera to be found. I have done this so much that now I am surprised when I do have it with me. lol
Great fall pictures. I so wish I lived where there were seasons like yours.
It was so hot here today that I kept fooling with the air conditioner.
Glad I got to stop by tonight and catch up with you
Love ya

Rose said...

Hi! loved your comment on my post. it made me laugh. yes, it's hard not to smile, feel good flying a kite. have a good evening. rose

Nezzy said...

I too find cemeteries interesting...the older the better. Weird huh???

Thanks for sharin' your 'sweet day' with us along with your sweet pictures. I know, I know, there would be more but SOMEONE forgot their camera.

Ya'll have a most beautiful weekend filled with warm fuzzy blessings!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm so pleased to find someone else who likes to wander through cemetaries and read head stones. A few of my friends have thought me very strange. I particularly like older cemetaries. Some are very graphic eg "Heinously murdered" or "Died trying to save his child in a swollen river" - good grist for the writing mill. So hoping you will join me for Novel Writing month!

Holyoke Home said...

Someone - I'm not saying who - referred to themselves as 'someone - I'm not saying who' a lot in this post :)

We're AT our fall peak here in western Mass too.