Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Day...Take One!

Amy and Eric's Wedding Adventure. Sounds like the title to a blockbuster movie. Any parent or couple who has ever put together a wedding knows it's as complicated, expensive and nerve wracking as a major motion picture. The day is full of emotion...laughter, tears, bridezilla moments and memories. Amy is my God child. I stood in the same Church and held her as an infant. Watching her walk down the isle, take her vows, having Jack and I due a reading in the Church brought the water works to my eyes. She looked so beautiful, but most of all happy. A happiness I hope she carries for decades and decades of celebrating a day that was all Amy! She ran the show in her style and did it the way she always dreamed. Her mother knocked herself out preparing this day for her. She not only did the decorating, the rehearsal dinner along with Mom and myself, but the food for the day as well. It wore me out just imaging all the time and effort involved. We all helped as much as possible, but this triumph was hers. I noticed Amy tearful as the evening reception went on and realized she was missing her little brother Jono. They were very close and I know he was watching from his spot in heaven...I even looked for a white feather.

This is a pic of the reception room. Midge did everything and I mean everything...from the centerpieces to every flower that was held by a bridesmaid, to every twinkle light or piece of netting..It was really beautiful. Great job!
These favors were on the tables..litte first aide kits. Good idea when the Bride is a nurse and the Groom is a fireman/EMT.
I was sad because many of my pics came out blurry...operator error I'm sure. This was the best one from the church and it's a bit dark. I wasn't sitting in a great place to take pics either because Jack and I did a reading at the ceremony and ended up sitting far from the aisle to catch any good shots. My excuse and I'm sticking to it!
This gentleman played the bagpipes as the wedding party was leaving the ceremony. Very cool!
The wedding cake was so pretty and tasty too...but the topper was the cutest thing. Look closely at the Groom on the topper.
The Groom's cake was amazing...a fireman's hat!
Midge looks so happy here because finally all the months of planning and making everything from centerpieces to salads was finally coming to a close and it was time to just sit back and enjoy the evening...hahaha, that joke is for you Mudgie!
I thought my Mom looked just lovely! Here she is (next to our friend Fr. Damien) happily applauding the Bride and Groom.
As Amy and Eric made their entrance into the reception, the happiness on their faces said it all and Amy's triumphant raising of her bouquet was classic Amy!
It was great that all my sibs could make it for the wedding and share a moment to be together for a photo shot..unfortunately the camera taker blurred it. Hopefully some of the professional shots came out clear.
The next day we all just chilled out and recouped. Grandma and Anthony had a nice moment to sit and talk about some very important things in life...It's sweet to see an 8yr old and an 84yr old sharing life's philosophies. However, I did see Mom slip him a few bucks, so I'm not sure what was said!
Last night Jack thought it was time to take all the cousin little tykes to the park by Mom's house. He even took Sophie, Midge's Jack Russel. Sophie enjoyed every last dog sniffin minute! The little cousin's parents also came along for the walk and were able to laugh and talk and catch up on their lives as each of them live in different parts of the country and don't get a ton of opportunity to get together.
The kiddos sure love this playground ride...Me?...makes me queasy just pushing it!
Even the adults (yes Phil, you are a grownup)got in on the playground fun! It was a nice way to end a very busy wedding weekend.
So all I can say is: Midge,you did it! It's a wrap! It was exhausting, funny, crazy busy,(and I wasn't even there for the set up!)but it turned out to be a happy day for Amy and Eric. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time...and as a famous person once said..."TTTHHHAT'S ALL FOLKS!"


Crawford Family said...

What a beautiful wedding! I'm glad you got to attend. Hope they have many happy years together.

Donna said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I know what work that all was just from hearing you talk about it, but by golly, it came off well, I see!! AND you made Larry spanokopita too!! It was delish by the way!! You (and MIDGE!) are amazing and I know where you got it from! You sister looks so pretty, and your mom as well. Glad it was such a nice weekend, -can't wait to hear all about it!

Sue said...

It looks like a wonderful event, and what fun that your whole family could be there.

There's nothing better than a good wedding! Such joy.


Wander to the Wayside said...

Midge did an awesome job - the decorations were lovely, as was the bride! And that's some family you have there - nice that the wedding brought them all together.

Karen Whittal said...

Stunning, pictures, I can always just see the love radiating in your photo's, you are all so close, which always makes me smile.

CHERI said...

Sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend. I can't begin to believe that your friend did EVERYTHING for this wedding. Bless her heart! She must be exhausted...but proud too I'm sure. I hope Amy and her hubby have years & years of happiness and good fortune.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey what a great post. So glad I got to see all your lovely photos.
Wow love her decorations and the cake is beautiful.
I know this was a special day for you to watch a God child marry. What a blessing that they both look so very happy too.
Just all around great job you did showing all of us this special day
Love ya

Rose said...

what a wonderful wedding. i love the idea of bagpipes. sorry the bride 's brother is not of this earth, but watching over everything. take care rose

Catch the Kids said...

What a beautiful day and how lucky are you to have such wonderful friends and family. Amy and her husband got off to a very special start. Glad it went so well.

PS Your Mum looks like she's hard to keep up with. Good for her.