Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Night Frights

The final leaves are slowly drifting to the ground, and the creaky old door of October 2010 is closing. This has been a very busy month full of weddings, travel, visitors, and parties...but it's been a lot of fun too. I hated to see it end without one more haunting. Almost every year a group from some organization in town will do a fund raiser at the fireman's cabin. It's back a long lane into a wooded area, perfect for a haunted trail. Last year I took Driana and a friend and we had a blast. This year I put the invite out again and my other Grandkiddo Summer, a friend of hers and Driana decided to go with me. Not only did we help the fire dept., and 4H to earn some funds, I had a great time with these cuties.. It wasn't quite as scary as last year, but they did their fair share of screaming. The temps were in the 30's, so it was chilly. A warming fire was set up in a couple of places, and we were not cold at all. A hay wagon picked us up in a parking lot near by and drove us over and through the woods to a place that was certainly not Grandmother's house!

Ok ladies, lets get this spookfest on the road...or the hay wagon I should say!
I do believe that would be Hogwart and a witch friend that flew in to give us the rules of the woods. They forgot to mention no pics. After I blinded a few of the workers later on, they asked me to stop. Opppsss...sorry!

Geezzzzz, quit monkeying around!

There had to be aleast one "sweet and cute" spot to give you a breather, and my ears a rest from the screams of my little friends.

Let me out of here! Sorry Bub, you're on your own because we are so "out of here"!

Hello ladies. The spooksters loved having cute, young girls screaming their heads off. They went after them and left us old, ugly chicks alone!

After all the screaming they did, a snack was definitely in order. Thankfully, the vendors had some yummy chicken sandwiches, hot drinks as well as cold pop and chips. The fire felt wonderful as we waited for the hay wagon to come and take us back.

Ok girls, Friday night frights is over and it's time to put a lid on October, Halloween and spooky stories. Driana did offer me this last invite however: "YaYa, have you ever seen the movie "Pet Cemetery"? We're going to watch it when we get home, you can join us if you want." Me: "Hmmm, no I've never seen it, and I just remembered something I really, really need to do. So you all go and enjoy it!"


Beth said...

You are such a good Ya Ya and the proof is the invite to watch the movie with a bunch of teens! I love catching up on your blog. I have been a royal blog slacker. I don't live a very interesting life:) Hope November is every bit as wonderful just not as spooky as October.

Hope said...

this was most enjoyable to read. sounds like a blast! thank you for sharing.

have a happy halloween!

Crawford Family said...

It has been a busy October. Pet Cemetery is the last scary movie I ever watched. I just got my driver's license and the backseat of my car always creeped me out after that movie.
Hope you have a restful/thankful Novemeber!

Donna said...

Loved the Fireman's creepy thing when we have gone! Glad you had fun with the younger set! P.C. and the like, movies were never my thing but I'm with was a compliment to be invited!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are just too much. How I would love being your neighbor. lol
Never a dull moment in your life and I love it.
Great post and glad you shared it with us

Karen Whittal said...

I am with Maggie, I can't imagine anything more ideal than you a neighbour on one side, and Maggie on the otherside they would call it Laughing Lane...........

Cheryl said...

You really do love Halloween don't you! So great to see how you love life and cram so much in! Come on, I'm sure you have time to write a novel with me...

lakeviewer said...

Oh my, too scary for my tender years.

Sue said...

What a fun idea...and all for a good cause! I would love it!