Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Humor Me...Please?

Here are some more pics from the wedding weekend. Since I publish a blog book at the end of the year I wanted to have more pics from that weekend. So these are some of the characters that make up my family, my blog and my wonderful life. Probably pretty boring for anyone who is not related and probably for the related ones too, but you'll just have to humor me or scroll on by. You won't hurt my feelings...I love you all anyway! But before you scroll on by, I must tell one little not funny at the time, but now is funny story. After the reception was over, I had gone home, changed into working clothes, came back and helped clean up. I had my Mom's house keys. As we were all leaving, she asked if I had them. I then proceeded to hand them over because Mom and Midge would beat us home. So we all went to our cars. When we pulled into Mom's driveway, they weren't there yet. So we sat and waited. I was holding a large hunk of wedding cake that Midge had me bring home. And we sat. And sat..with the cake on my lap, and, well you get the picture. I was hearing voices in my head (nothing unusual for me) telling me to go back to the Church.I ignored them. Over and Over again. After about 1/2hr I saw these two people walking down Mom's street. Yep, Midge and Mom had walked home from the Church. Their car didn't start. They called and called me on my cell which I had left in the house. The same house we were locked out of because I gave the key to Mom! They were still in their fancy wedding duds and poor Mom had on heels. Poor Midge was carring a huge hunk of wedding cake too. I don't know why I find that funny, but I do. It was about 2am and Mom wasn't sure she could make it. She did it though. Midge said they looked like 2 old hookers hoping to get lucky on a Friday night. At one point Mom had jumped into the street to flag down a car she was sure was ours...which of course wasn't ours because I was sitting in the car with a huge chunk of wedding cake on my lap, listening to voices in my head and ignoring them. So now we smile about it and Mom feels pretty good about making that hike at 2am and her being 84 and all...bragger! So humor me while I throw out some pics from the rehearsal dinner we did in Mom's backyard and other little funny tidbits. Tidbits only funny to me I'm sure.
Greg (my brother) and his wife Deidra.
The Man and Woman of the hour..Amy and Eric and then there's Uncle Jack..the man of all my hours!
Katie, sister of Bride Amy
Bill (brother of Bride Amy) and his wife Laura
All three flower girls..they did a great job at the wedding! Threw out the rose petals like they were born doing it!
This is Anthony our Grandson at the rehearsal dinner. He wanted to know why we had to rehears eating dinner. I thought that was funny... I guess you had to be there.
What's so funny about these ferns? Nothing really. I got a great deal on them from the flower shop by Jack's office and we drove them out to Chicago in Aug. because Midge said she needed them for the wedding. We named them. Big Fern, Little Fern, and Birdnest Fern. (it had a nest in it..that means good luck)We are so weird.
I mentioned before that I had problems with blurry pics. My fault for some, but this one is probably not because of me. When it was Amy's turn to say her vows, Fr. Damien, trying to be funny, slipped in the phrase..."I promise to be obedient..."Both her and Eric whipped their heads at him, not quite sure he really said that...then Fr. Damien burst out laughing and so did everyone in the Church. We know Amy is just not that type if wife! Obedient? He did that on purpose and it's so out of character for him that it made it more humorous.
My Mom cracks me up. She's introduced and escorted into the reception by my brother looks like he can hardly keep up with her! She has to sprint everywhere. Show off.
This is a funny shot..not haha funny, but weird, weird funny. Addy looks like she's on the dance floor with ghosts. I really need a new camera. Or maybe some lessons in photography. Or maybe it's just artsy fartsy!
Finally, what's humorous about this isn't the fact that Addy is crying her eyes out...not sure's that all the kiddos are wearing red plaid. They come from different families...different states...yet they all have on red plaid. Ok, so it's not hilarious but it did make me smile and isn't that what life's about? The small smiley, sort of humorous things?


Catch the Kids said...

Looks like your family had a very good turnout. It's great, seeing so many generations together, getting to know each other. And those kids are too cute. Love the screamer...

Midge said...

Thanks for the pics, I don't have did a great job...and I still have the stupid cake

Hope said...

thank you for sharing. It makes me feel like I was there too.

I can't imagine how funny that was to hear the minister say what he said. lol

Lovely photo's.
thank you
take care

Karen Whittal said...

I love family weddings, great to see all those people that you don't see often enough, I for one loved the pictures....... I think the old camera has "character".............
I think it is excited that your not sure what you are going to get out of it makes like interesting.......... and you boring........ not in this life time.

Wander to the Wayside said...

I just love this post - all of it! I hope I'm as spry and spunky as your mom when I get her age. And your grandson is so cute asking "why we had to rehearse eating dinner'!

This post is about family at it's finest - together and loving it and laughing about it.

Sue said...

It wouldn't be right if something didn't go wrong, right?


PS. Your mom is a trooper!

lakeviewer said...

How lovely! Good of you to share them with us.

Donna said...

I'm with Cam....let's go rehearse eating dinner!!! So funny!! (Like the time Mike said about the tie tack..."why does it attack your tie??" So literal,
Love all the kids in red and black...very festive!!
I thought your blurred pic was , sort of spiritual! A blessing on a blessed event!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Glad you shared this pics with us.
That is a very strange picture of her dancing and it does make you think there is a ghost there. lol
Who does your blog book for you and is it hard to do

CHERI said...

The comment about the hookers just cracked me up!!! These will all be great memories...and the walking home incident will bring many laughs in years to come. Congrats to bride and groom...may they have a long and happy marriage.

Cheryl said...

You can never have enough of a great wedding. Love the idea of an annual blog book too!