Sunday, October 3, 2010

Someone Just Turned Two!!

On Friday Addy turned 2. Amanda's parents had a party at their home Saturday afternoon. Amanda did all the cooking and her friend Cassie (I hope I got that right!) made this cute cake. She did Alexis' cake back in May too. Very talented young lady. And it tasted good too!

These two sisters are best buddies. I smile when I see them together because Addy is almost the same size as 4yr old Alexis! Besides the cake, the only "Barney" item was the stuffed one. There wasn't a Barney birthday anything to be found in the stores!
Here's a big birthday hug from Alexis.
Amanda made a really yummy dinner of stuffed shells and the best green beans ever..along with a lovely salad and garlic bread. Very nice!
Addy picked out her spot for dinner at the kiddie table.
After dinner we headed to the livingroom to open up gifts.
She received lots of cute clothes and toys. She had help opening them from her big sis Lex and a friend named Vito!
Then it was cake and icecream time...Take a deep breath...and swoosh!
Hooray! Great job blowing out the candles!
I thought this pic was sweet. Addy received a squirrel that made noises and moved when it's back was petted. A funny toy but she was really enjoying it! Happy Birthday Addy Rae Rae! I still can't believe you're two already!


Sue said...

What a little cutie she is. Looks like a wonderful birthday, and the cake is just as artistic as if it had been done professionally!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Addy!! She looks like such a big girl in all the pictures and yet in the last one she has her binky and you know she is still a "little" girl!! Pretty cake!!
Nice to see all the family...such a cute family! Glad you had a good day!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw I love the name Addy and she is just tooooo precious.
These pictures and post are just wonderful honey. I am so glad I did not miss them.
Now please pass me a piece of the pretty is making me hungry for something sweet.
Hope you have a wonderful week...will catch up with you while I am here
Love ya

Hope said...

lovely photo's of a joyous occasion. I hope Addy had a very happy birthday. Thank you for sharing

Wander to the Wayside said...

Isn't two just the cutest age ever? Well, except maybe for one. Or three. Maybe four..

lakeviewer said...

These are so sweet!

Catch the Kids said...

Two is such a cute age. It just goes so fast! Love the photo of the two girls hugging. And what an awesome cake!!

Phil and Amanda said...

You got some GREAT pictures! We will have to swap soon! :-) Thanks again for coming, hope you guys had fun! Love ya! See you guys Friday!!!