Saturday, May 8, 2010


The church held our annual womens conference this morning. The theme this year focused on our "treasures" in life. The talks were really inspiring,the music lovely, and we could pick 2 classes out of 6 to attend. I chose a photography class and a class on how to become more creative. See a personal theme here? The day was rainy and cold so indoor activity was a good choice. Sometimes I think I'm too busy to spend time just for me. I'm never sorry that I go and the housework and other busyness that seem so important manage to get done or left for another day. One of the suggestions from the creative class was to write something called "morning papers". You get up in the morning and just write whatever comes out, without thinking about it...just write and unload all your "junk"! Do this for 12 weeks straight and don't read any of it until your done..these are notes meant just for you and I'll be interested at what flows out of this brain! We should take time everyday to pursue what creative outlet we would like:, now all I need is just a few more hours in my day! I know God gave me's my job to find them out and then use them for goodness sake!Oh yes, I almost forgot. The food was good too! I usually take a pic of whatever I'm eating(don't ask me why I do's a sickness!)but I forgot.

These treasured friends didn't mind making my "blog worthy" moment..thanks Dee, Connie and Gayle! It was a fun morning!
The instructor for the photography class said taking pics from different angles is good and taking pics from above a subject is flattering..makes the face look thinner..oh ya baby, I will jump on anything that speaks to my thinner side. So I experimented with a self above the head portrait..I think more classes are needed! Yucko!I look like I need a puke bucket don't I?
To finish off a fun day, Phil and Amanda dropped the girls off for an overnighter so he and Amanda could celebrate Phil's 30th birthday (which is tomorrow). Out come the paint, paper and also markers.They didn't need a class on creativity..Alexis has the key to being creative: just going with the flow and loving everything you make because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It's a masterpiece!
Addy's creative side takes a backseat to learning how to recap the markers!
A treasured moment that makes me smile and hopefully one that Alexis will remember. Her PawPaw reading her a story.
This final pic of a real treasure:Addy Rae reading to Eddy the boxer!


Beth said...

What a nice post, I'm sorry I missed this morning. It was a long very little sleep night. We have critters in the attic and are in the process of ridding the attic of them. Lets just say they don't like the process and were not to happy last night. LOOONG night. Hopefully when the critter getter comes back on Monday he'll be able to get rid of them once and for all! Have a VERY HAPPY AND WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Karen Whittal said...

The more I read your blogs the more I realise I enjoy them so much because we are so alike. Congrats on sons birthday, and Happy Mothers Day........

Donna said...

The conference is something we would have had a walk-talk about....miss that, girlfriend!! The photography thing would have been'll have to fill me in on what you learned...besides the above the head shot, -you look great as always -just like you have a sore throat! lol! Sweet shots of Grandpa and the girls and Eddy!! Addy looks so serious and cute in her pink polka dots!!

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