Thursday, May 6, 2010

Man 2..Stump 0

As I've mentioned before, Jack took out 3 big ugly bushes from the front of the house. Unfortunately the stumps of those ugly bushes weren't very cooperative. The first one seemed to come out fairly easy. Which is easy for me to deduce because I didn't do a dang thing to get it out! The second one proved to be a bit more difficult. It really "stumped" Jack for a bit! (Oh man, I'm hilarious!) It refused to budge even when he hooked a chain around it and attached it to our son's pickup truck. After many days of chopping, pulling, sweating, and swearing ( I actually didn't hear him swear, I only know what I'd be doing in that situation)...I heard the triumphant "THUNK" of the stump hit the ground in the front yard where he threw it. Oh, my hero!

Jack, the giant stump taker outer. 2 down, 1 to go!
Stupid Stump.
Empty hole..former home of stupid stump..ready for a new tenant.(sorry it's so blurry, but hey, it's just a boring hole)
Ahhh..pretty new holly bush.
That's OK Eddy...don't get up to help, I'm sure Jack can get the last stump out all by himself...ZZZZZ


Donna said...

Well, as long as they don't call Jack "Stupid-Stump-Starkey" taker outter...and He-Man Hero instead...all turned out well!! We always knew he was quite a guy!! And as for me...I'm there with Eddy!!!!

Karen Whittal said...

I am sure the holly will look beautiful when it is fully grown, we also don't get holly here too hot in our climate.

rose said...

Hi just came along and found your blog. I like your sense of humour.My husband and I Have 4 acres. We have alot of trees and so there's always tree time. I'll follow your blog. If you get a chance, drop in on mine

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