Friday, May 28, 2010

Bad Omen

If you get up at the (butt)crack of dawn and this is lying (laying?) on your livingroom (white carpet no less) floor, do you:
B...stand there in your robe saying "Oh my heck!"
D...make a really stupid looking face at your husband who made sure to get your sorry butt out of bed so not miss this...this "thing"
E...wonder where, when, how, and just plain crazy how again did the cat actually capture, kill and leave this there? and pet the happy kitty and give her a treat and say "Wow, you are the best kitty in the world!"
G...all of the above: except for F

P.S..yes that is real blood..on a white carpet..that's what stain remover is came out and the bat went out..thank goodness it was garbage, do I have to worry about rabies???


Cheryl said...

Ah poor bat! Well you know I'm an animal lover and out here we so need our grey-headed flying foxes as they are the only species to pollinate some of our trees, so no bats, no rainforest. The smaller ones also keep insects down, so really they are good guys and they never get tangled in your hair. (Movie's have a lot to answer for). I'd have to say it may have been dead or dying for the cat to get hold of it. No you don't need to worry about rabies unless you've been bitten or scratched. Soda water and salt to remove the blood? (Hmm not totally sure on that.) Must have given you quite a fright! Aren't you lucky to have a cat who wants to bring you presents!

Donna said...


Kent and Leisy said...

I am so glad that you took a picture so we could all see!!! and I'm even more glad that the blood came out of your carpet. that darn cat! or maybe it was eddy?!

Cheryl said...

Hey again. I'd assumed kitty had bought in said bat. So you are saying it may have flown in? We don't think of that sort of thing here as everything is flyscreened, (or we'd be finding all kinds of things we don't want inside - snakes, spiders, mozzies like jumbo jets etc.)Yikes, I agree, you don't want them in the house!

Catch the Kids said...

EeeKk!!! I'm gagging just over the photo!! So glad the stains came out.

rose said...

i would freak out if i saw this. rose

Karen Whittal said...

I am afraid i am terrified of bats, I would definitely SCREAM, to get over my fear I read up about bats, but discovered that young bats sonic system is not well developed and they do fly into things......... my hair...... SCREAM....... give me a good size rat anyday

Amy and Craig said...

wow! That is so foul (not fowl). I hope you don't catch any diseases from your carpet.

Phil and Amanda said...

Lol! I'm laughing but so grossed out at the same time.

And you forgot H...grab your camera and take a picture of the dead bat because it's TOTALLY blog worthy. ;-)