Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Phil!

What could be a better Mother's Day gift than bringing home a beautiful, bouncing baby boy on that day? I had that pleasure 30yrs ago. I can't believe he's really that old because as I've stated in the past...I'M NOT THAT STINKIN' OLD PEOPLE!!! Phil was such a crazy fun kiddo growing up. He was smart and cute and could argue his way out of any situation. We really thought he would become a lawyer! He's a wonderful Dad to his two cute girls, Alexis and Addy and a good husband to beautiful Amanda. Being the 3rd child is hard..I guess that's the middle child syndrome. But I'll always remember what our pediatrician said to me on our first visit. "It's such a pleasure to see a 3rd baby so welcomed and loved as this little guy is.." He was right then and it's true today. Happy Birthday Phil!


rose said...

Reading your Mothers blog HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL.I have a son, whom I love, he's 36. Mothers remember special dates and people, such as yourself.

Donna said...

I remember when Phil was born...and looked just like the Gerber baby!!! Too cute. Speaking of which, doesn't that Amanda have THE most gorgeous smile in the world???
Happy Birthday, Phil...Happy Mother's Day, Kate!!

Bernie said...

It truly was a mother's day! You all look so happy. It is a pleasure to see those faces.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You're right. The stitches don't hurt at all but my butt sure does!

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