Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Month of May is chock full of birthdays around here..As I posted before, Phil's is May 9th..but to surprise him for his 30th Amanda had a surprise party last Saturday at the Fireman's cabin. She blindfolded him and took him for a ride..destination unknown to him. (I wonder if anyone saw him sitting in the passenger side and wondered what the heck was going on?)She had rented the Fireman's cabin for the night. It's a very rustic cabin out in the middle of the woods near Ashland. There was a bonfire set up outside and also a place for a game of corn hole. Inside was all decorated and music was playing. Very nice set up! His friends and family arrived and waited for the big surprise moment..He was very surprised indeed. I'm sure he remembers the cabin from his Boy Scout still has the same Fireman curtains on the windows!

Jack found a nice restful spot on the front porch of the Fireman's cabin. The Boys Scouts have used this cabin every February for a fun overnight retreat..this is the first time Jack has actually seen it with leaves on the trees!
Amanda had the cabin all decorated and the food all ready to go...the food was really good by the way!
SURPRISE!!!(notice the blindfold in his hand?)
Such a cute couple... Good job on surprising your hubby Amanda!
These crazy characters are actually related...3 out of my 4 boys and their they even look like they are in the same family??? But hey, they are stinkin' cute, lots of fun, good sports when I'm stalking them with the camera. Smile guys, you're blog worthy and it's a party after all!
Now here's two party animals...
Last but not least, on Sunday Phil and Amanda stopped by with some delish leftovers from the party and these two smartie pants! Fun way to finish off a lovely weekend!


Beth said...

Looks like lots of fun and you are such a Party Animal!

rose said...

Sounds like a good time. Have a good day.

Karen Whittal said...

There is nothing like a family birthday, you must be very proud of your beautiful family.

Phil and Amanda said...

I love the pictures! The picture of all the boys (minus Craig) is my FAV! Jack(ie) just needs to wear a plaid shirt for the next picture! Thanks so much for the veggie and fruit pizzas. If you check out Phil's facebook people were telling him to pass on to you how great it was! lol! Maybe you can make that for Lex's b-day party? ;-) Love you guys! Sooo glad you came!

Donna said...

What a great party!!! Surprises are so much fun, it's neat that Amanda pulled it off and Phil looks like he really enjoyed it! The guys took a good picture and you and Jack are too cute!!