Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Squeakquel

I post about Eddy the boxer alot, but not much about our cat Squeak. First, Jack will be quick to point out the term "our cat" should really be "my" (as in me)cat. I found her one rainy, cold November night after a church meeting, bumming french fries off of the ladies leaving the meeting. She was a scrawny, sickly kitten and I'm a sucker, so I brought her home. That was 9yrs ago and she hasn't taken off yet! I took her into the vet to be taken care of and of course fixed so no babies would be surfacing..after they put her to sleep and shaved her they realized she had already been fixed! Yikes, I stole someone house pet! Well, she was in bad shape and who ever had her either dumped her or she ran away. Either way I figure I saved her stinkin' life and she should be grateful! She never has been a jump in your lap and let me pet you kind of cat. Atleast that's what I thought.My oldest son informed me she jumps up in his lap all the time..my youngest son said the same thing. "Your kidding I said" "She just must realize you don't really love her Mom" Oh ya, and you do??? Well anyway she's been the resident mouser, house/outdoor cat and now also the Eddy hater. So here's a glimps into a Squeak's life. Oh yes,we call her Squeak because she doesn't meow like a normal cat...just little squeak noises.
She likes to perch on the deck railing and keep a bird's eye view for mice, chipmunks, or birds..I'm not crazy about her killing birds and I realized by keeping a bird feeder under the dogwood tree right by the deck was not a good idea! It was like a kitty cafeteria.
Squeak will sit quietly under chairs, behind curtains or under the stools in the kitchen. Content just to sit and not bother anyone.
A fav place for squeak to hang out is the corner of the deck on the deck box. Everyone needs a "me" place!
Is this the face only a Mother could love? Or perhaps Squeak is trying out for the new Twilight movie.


Donna said...

No wonder you like that last pic...you like vampire movies!!! ha! I just got some dog-cat stamps at the PO and wondered who to give all the cat stamps to...now I know, you old softie!!

Phil and Amanda said...

HAHA! Squeaks looks so mean in the last picture! She's so pretty...but she's such a little turd!

rose said...

Love the cat pictures. When I took a stray cat home she didn't seem well. The vet said she was pregnant, we ended up with 5 kittens. Cat lover BEWARE!

UerBlge said...

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Amy and Craig said...

That last pic is just how I think of Squeak! :> not a bad cat though. I don't really like cats jumping all over me(I guess that's why I don't have one). But Squeak is the next best cat to not having one!!! HEE HEE!

Beth said...

I just read your comment on my blog it made me laugh. 2007?!? What the heck. Maybe you can still cash it in. Have a wonderful weekend I will be taking Finals on the internet and studing for one on campus on Monday. Then 1 1/2 weeks off before summer session student teaching. Hey 1 year down 2 to go woo who :)