Monday, February 1, 2010

New State, New Town, New House

We were able to go visit the kids this weekend in Michigan. The 41/2 hr. drive makes it not to terrible to do after work on Friday. We only stayed until Sunday but hopefully we were able to be of some help as they unpacked and reorganized their new home. It's a pretty house that just needs their touch to make it their "home". I know Ames doesn't care for the colors on the walls, but that's an easy fix, although not one without sweat! There are miles of purple, neon green, hot pink, shocking blue and faux finish walls to tackle. But her Mom (Donna) will be there in a few weeks to help with paint colors and curtains and I don't think we'll recognize it next time we come! We enjoyed the few days and on Sunday we attended Church with them. Amy gave an awesome talk, even though I thought it was a bit mean of them to assign her one so soon! But I'm sure the Bishop was inspired to have her talk because she really did a great job. She also was called to Young Women's as a counselor and Craig will be sustained in his new calling on Sunday. I'll let them tell you what it will be! This ward moves fast! So a new chapter starts for them again and as always they make each new town they live in a fun place to visit and they'll make new friends that will become like family. It's amazing that no matter how old our children get, we still refer to them as "kids". It's also great to watch how they interact with their "kids". They are so much better at parenting then we were! Here are some pics of the grandkiddos. I didn't take any of the inside of the house because Amy has many on her blog and facebook. I can't wait to see the finished product over the next few months. We were lucky that the weather was so sunny this weekend,even though it was cold. Atleast it wasn't snowing! I'm looking forward to coming up when the snow melts and we can head to Lake Michigan and see all the beauty that's in that state. I'm getting to know all the states much better since my "kids" have moved!

The finished basement is a great place for the grandkiddos to hang out. They played down there all weekend and I thought this pic of Sophie was so sweet. She was tucking her baby doll into it's cute little bed. She's such a good mommy!
Saturday night we took a quick trip to Costco while Craig and Jack and Taylor went to Lowes to get men toys...boards, primer, paint brushes..things to give to the little women to keep her busy! They will use every drop of the primer on those walls in the new house!
Cozy kiddos in footed PJS!
Sophie's a hard one to catch standing still...that's why this is a bit blurry!
As we pulled out to go to Church I took a pic of the outside of their new home. It's really a cute house in a wonderful neighborhood. Amy and I sort of met the next door neighbors. They were quickly going into their house and shouted out:"Well come and see you as soon as it gets warmer!" Okey dokey, see ya in July!
Taylor looking spiffy in his Church blazer...he was so cute walking down the hall holding his Primary teacher's hand, heading off to class. He's not shy a bit!
Katie giving a silly face before heading off to Primary


Beth said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Lake Michigan is so beautiful you will have a lot of fun this summer.

Donna said...

CUTE kid the one of Sophie putting her baby to bed and the one of Taylor looking impish...adorable! Am sure you had a good time seeing them and it's so nice that they are closer!!

Amy and Craig said...

cute pix mommo! thanks for coming! we did everything I wanted! Can't wait to have you guys up when it warms up.... don't really know when that will be. I think moving South is a bit easier than North.