Friday, February 26, 2010

A Not Boring Thursday Night

Phil and Amanda had to run some errands last night and the girls stayed with us for a few hours of cooking, eating and fun.Alexis and I decided we would make some cookies for her and Addy to take home. She was a very big help and didn't even spill any flour all over, like I usually do! So we made the kind she wanted:Oh baby, yep, that is the most important ingredient..Chocolate chips!
What a pro!
Mmmmm, the sweet reward, licking the beater!
While Lex and I were making cookies, Addy was happily munching on her dinner, and was just having a good old time..unitl I turned around and saw the real reason for her delight...
So this is why you were so happy, and laughing! Eddy, you are a sneaky guy. Don't worry, I took the fork away and replaced it with a nondoggy one.


Donna said...

Ummm! I love the beaters too, the best part! Alexis looks like she will grow up to be a gourmet cook learning her way around the kitchen at such an early age! Addie's smile is just too cute! Looks like she is getting teeth...lucky Eddie!!
Happy Birthday but the way!!!!

Beth said...

I love the ducky dish it is so cute. It looks like you had a fun Thurs. night. Boy Eddy sure is one lucky doggy.

Amy and Craig said...

classic! Love it all! Maybe alexis can teach Katie how to help without dropping eggs on the floor and flour all over! Sounds like they both have mad kitchen skills!