Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

As everyone knows, we had another snow event yesterday. Not as bad as last Friday, but it was still a snow shoveling day! As Jack and I were shoveling the drive our new neighbor Adam came over with his 4 wheeler/snow plow and plowed us out. We've known him since he was a little tyke and he and his wife bought the cute house at the end of our road last month. The house had been empty for a long time and I was so happy it was bought and really happy it was bought by a sweet young family that will take great care of it. He has helped other neighbors on our road too and it was so appreciated! Since he wouldn't take cash payment all I can do is say a big thank you and send over some valentine cookies this weekend! Here he is talking to Jack and Jordan (who had just come home from work). Jord hadn't seen Adam in forever, so it was a nice reunion. Welcome to the neighborhood!
While Adam and the guys were in the front of the house plowing and shoveling, I headed off to check out the back deck. How sad our deck table looks...all snowy and forlorn...the chairs covered in black plastic are just waiting for the warm days of spring to arrive..sigh... I took a deep breath, shoveled a small path for Eddy to use and decided I'd had enough for awhile...
Oh poor grill, I haven't forgotten you. One of these days I'll brush the snow off and fire you up. I am kind of hoping that all that will melt off. Silly me.
Donna Starkey is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Last week she went on a mission trip (see her blog:Stakey Hollow)and worked long hot days and nights helping to give sight to a kazillion poor people in the Domincan Republic. She endured 100de.days, huge spiders, scary mountain roads, flat tires and Dr. Gupta. On her last day she was able to relax and what does she do? She gets me a gift of my most favorite thing...Mexican Vanilla! This stuff is so awesome and yummy. Thanks so much Donna!
Well, all this kindness and thoughtfulness just makes two snow crazed people (us!)smile like goofballs! Thanks again Donna and Adam!


Phil and Amanda said...

Too bad Adam didn't come plow us out of the parking lot yesterday. lol! That is the cutes picture of you guys EVER!!

Donna said...

You're so funny!!! Love the pic of you and Jack!!!! :-)