Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend of Cheap Love

Every Feb. we have the annual "cheap nite out/chili cook off" at the Church. It's cheap entertainment and food and the chili selections are usually interesting. I actually won second place for the spicest chili..that means you could eat it without burning your mouth off! Not first place, but I hey, I'll take it. We spent Saturday doing some cheap events too. We went to a home and garden show in Ashland. It was pretty good for out little town and we had a fun morning with our friends Greg and Gayle. Then we headed off to Jack's office for some cleanup and then out for a chinese lunch. So were does the love come in? Well, I spent the weekend doing simple things that I love, with my sweetheart that I love so what more could a girl ask for??

Here are some members setting up the tables that hold all the social food and chili. Looks like all the church social setups!
Typical church social fare..not a green, healthy food in site! I mean seriously, now that I see it a few days later it really looks bad!
The skits were all goofy and cheesy like this one by the Relief Society. A candy shop with no candy...except for the suckers holding up the counter. Hahaha
Awww, the High Priest group singing for their talent. I could make a snide remark about old dudes and such, but I'll be good and keep my comments to myself.
Come on Jack, don't look so know we had a fun time at the home and garden show! I showed you all the things I want for our home and garden!
Here's Jack's dream machine. It has everything a country boy could want except a dog sitting next to him...where's Eddy when we need him?
Since Valentines day landed on Sunday this year we didn't go out for dinner,instead I made some skillet ribeye steaks for my Honey. I usually grill my steaks but I haven't shoveled the grill out yet. (I'm still hoping for a thaw to do that!)
Mmmm...yummy cheesy braided Italian loaf that is easy make and looks so nice!
Monday's can be boring...and here's a good example of being desperate for some blogging material. We heat with wood here at the Pines and this is a familiar picture..unloading the wood that heats the house that heats the occupants that live in the house that Jack bought...poetic don't you think?
If you're like us and have a gazillion feet of snow, miles of pointy, drippy icesickels, and pale, no tan skin, take heart. Spring is here! How do I know? Didn't the groundhog see his shadow and head for the hole?? Are the Robins out singing in the pine trees?? Nooooo....But the Spring Oreos are in the stores! Yep, it's Spring alright! So smile, enjoy some Oreos and milk and don't look outside for atleast 5 weeks.


Beth said...

Great post! I love the chili coook-off, we hold ours in one of the member's barn it is always so much fun. I'll have to go get some Spring Oreos,we need them right at least for our mental health. :) We'll more snow to go dig out of. I Love Winter.

Kent and Leisy said...

I laughed throughout that entire post- even starting with the title 'cheap love'. That plate of food does look pretty unhealthy- but still delicious :)

Donna said...

Great lookin' grub...but WE really want that little snow shoveling golf cart!! It looks like so much fun....can't you see me going up the hill to get mail with that???

Christina said...

Awww... Ashland Branch socials...I remember those. :) It's funny no matter where you live, LDS socials are kind of all the same. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, and now I'm craving deviled eggs!

MJVMcLaughlin said...

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