Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Big One

Every Year we have to have a few "big ones"..Storms that shut down roads, cancel school, and make you shop for junk food to last a few days. This one hit on Friday and school kiddos and teachers were a bit disappointed because it was after school! I decided on Thursday I would take some call this weekend. Fridays are usually a good day for that because I can sleep in on Sat. if I would get called out. Great plan. Next time I'll check the weather report first. At 2:30am I was called out for a c-section. The roads were horrible, not plowed at all. I have no 4 wheel drive. Thankfully we had shoveled the drive out earlier, but it still was pretty snow covered. I headed out scared to death I would end up in a snowdrift at that God forsaken time and left in a ditch to rot! Well, I made it. White knuckled and grateful that prayer works! I will never say anything bad about my car again. I pulled into the hospital parking lot. Tromped down toward the entrance and landed on my keister! It was pure ice under the snow. That felt great.(inject sarcasm here) My back was already hurting from all the snow shoveling, now it was really killing me. Not one to neglect my duties or one to swear.Atleast not outloud. I headed into the OR ready to help deliver this little kiddo. The doctor got his car stuck in the snow and had to have the hospital maintenance man come and get him. But we were ready. Back hurting and now my left knee hurting too! Of course by the time the Doc got there she delivered the old fashioned way. Okey dokey..back home I will go. I plotted out my route, white knuckled it back to the Pines only to slide sideways on my road just before my driveway! I couldn't get it to budge..I ran into the house screaming:"JACK!!!!!" He came to my rescue. Thank the Lord! Car safely in the garage after about 1/2hr of shoveling, pushing and tire spinning. As I crawled back to bed I thought the same thought I've thought for 30yrs..why didn't I become a teacher??? Sorry this post is so long...traumatic events do that to me. Here are many pics of "The Big One"

After work Eddy and I headed up into the creepy woods for a quick jaunt. The snow was just starting and it looked so peaceful and lovely with just a light coating on the trees and down a path we enjoy taking. Things changed quickly!
After about 20min in the woods, we walked out to this lovely vision of a major storm beginning.
This is what the front of the house looked like this morning.Atleast the sun was shining!
Bird bath closed...see you in the Spring!
Cone heads? Easter eggs? How about solar lights on the front walkway?
The snowameter on the railings of the front steps say:Better luck next time coming in the front door!
Have a seat on the back deck..just grab the shovel and make some room!
Aren't you sick of shoveling all that white stuff Jack?
Next YaYa takes a turn at shoveling out a spot for Eddy in the back
Thanks for shoveling a walkway for me...but how do I get up to the creepy woods??


Kent and Leisy said...

All the snow at your place looks amazing! oh- and I laughed and laughed at quite a few spots in your post! sorry that you fell on your keister :) but thanks for the chuckles!!! I was pretty disappointed it hit friday AFTER school as well. I wanted a seminary snow day :)

Beth said...

You have become quite the writer! I loved your post. Gotta love the shoveling especially for the dogs. We got about a foot here I shoveled Randy's car out so he could go to work today but the rest of the drive I left. He got home at 6 a.m. today and back out at 2:00 p.m. not much sleep but he said the roads were a piece of cake today compared to last night. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Donna said...

Sounds like a nightmare night... remembering nights going in all kinds of weather on call...yuck!! Hope your back is OK!!! Pick of you shoveling says it all???

Craig said...

Sorry you fell down and hurt yourself mom! Maybe no more call during the winter months. Or if you fall at work again, just claim Workers Comp!