Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here are some pics from last weekend. We went to see Summer play upwards basketball in the morning. Of course we ran into Cameron and Anthony cheering their Sister on to victory! Cameron had a ring pop that turned his lips blue...something he thought was great! Saturday night Phil and Amanda took Alexis to the movies and we had the fun of watching Addy for a bit. She's such a character! She loves music and dance and that is really a perfect combo of Mom and Dad! She really does turn into a different child when her Sister arrives. You can tell she just idolizes anything Alexis does and they are a hoot together. Being Grandparents is the best! As long as I'm rambling on, I should give a little update on my Sister-in-Law,Bonnie. She's still in the hospital in Chicago and has received 2 chemo treatments. She's hanging in there and doing well. She has a good attitude and she's anxious to get home. So thanks to all who have kept her and my Brother in your prayers. I'll let you know when she gets to go home, something we're all praying for!

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Amy and Craig said...

so fun (the kids, not the chemo, we're praying for Bonnie!). Craig doesn't think the strange squares are Chinese. Maybe just change the settings so only approved comments show up. How annoying to have a blog stalker!