Sunday, January 17, 2010

Divide and Conquer

Usually Jack and I spend Saturdays doing all the running and errands that we can't do during the week. This Saturday we went our separate ways. Jack to the Klondike Derby with the Boy Scouts and me to errand running and grandkiddo basketball watching. Last year when Jack had Klondike it was very, very cold. This year our temps were in the 40's and much of our snow had melted.This wasn't a stellar year for our scouts. Only 4 boys were able to go and for whatever reason, they didn't do as good as last year. But they went and I think they enjoyed the day. I should have had Jack label these pics, but since I'm the chief blogger and bottle washer, I'll try and remember what he said they were. So here's our divide and conquer Saturday. I think I got the better end of the deal!

Here's the Klondike sled. It's the exciting part of the competition where they have to pull it across the snow/(grass this year). I won't go into what happened when they were pulling it, only it did involve a scouter from another troop and a falling into the sled. That's all I know. Oh, and they didn't do very well. That's ok, better luck next year. Atleast it wasn't 5 below like last year!
I couldn't figure out what they were doing in this pic. Jack said paintball. Ok, they look like they are dressed for fight!
This is log cutting, or sawing or something that involves a log and a sharp instrument. Go for it boys!
I know this is not a "crop circle"'s a knot tying competition...I think.
Fire building...I don't see any smoke guys.
Dakota Crawford in yellow shorts..on a cold day...typical crazy teen!
I'm not sure what's going on here, but there's Dakota in the yellow shorts..brrr!

Anthony is playing basketball on Saturdays in a program called UpWards basketball. It's sponsored by the Grace Brethren Church. It's a Christian based program and they really do a nice job. They even have little cheerleaders. Very cute. Before the game starts they put the player's picture up on a huge screen and lights are flashing and music playing and the announcer calls out the player's name. Very professional! This pic is a bit blurry, but I think you get the idea. I actually thought it was on video, but it was dark and I must have left it on pictures instead.
Upwards basketball even has a mascot: Hoop Dog! Hi Hoop Dog!
After the game was over I grabbed Anthony and had him give me a big smile before running off and getting a snack and awards. Good job Anthony! You're on your way to being a star!
Anthony is in the orange jersey throwing the ball in from the sidelines. I just love watching him guard his man! Nobody is getting past him for sure! I also love his little hop he does as he runs. I wish my boys could have had b-ball when they were in the little grades. Then again, it was a lot less running around on Saturdays!


Beth said...

Looks like a fun day. You gotta love those teens always running around in shorts. We went sledding a couple of weeks ago for Mutual and one of the girls wore leggings and shorts. CRAZY! Hope your SIL is doing better. Have a great week!

Donna said...

Jack has an adventursome side that's for sure...(I could'nt do all that) and I admire his dedication to the youth!! I'm sure his stellar shining example is good for the boys!!
And for Anthony, he's lucky that you are HIS cheerleader and there for him. I know you enjoy watching the games as much as he enjoys won't be long before he's outside playing winter football in yellow shorts!!!

Beth said...

Hey I love when you comment on my blog. Yes the pans are a fun bright red, they look lovely with my dark plum colored walls. :) Randy said they are so nice and shiny I should leave them out for decoration. Silly boy. I will blog a recipe or two I can't get my camera to download pictures so it will have to be pictureless (probably not a word) for awhile.