Friday, January 22, 2010

Today was the Pits!

Surgery suites are places made up of many different tempos...personalities...moods. Many days we are crazy busy,running our tails off, sometimes we are slower and the day seems to drag on. Fridays are usually a crazy busy day and today was no exception. However, as the 3:30 shift was heading for the barn door, we observed Lisa, a 4:30 shifter, enjoying a last minute snack before heading into the last case of the day. She was spitting cherry pits into the garbage can and I thought that this needed to be on the blog. Why? I don't know, I guess because it made us laugh, and sometimes that's the most important part. The laughter and friendship we share. Thanks Lisa for the giggle! You will notice that she stops right before the end to let a sterilizer repair man use the garbage can. She's polite as well as talented!



Donna said...

That video was not long enough....
I knew Lisa loved cherries because in the break room we always talk about where we get them...Ohhhhh WHERE did you get CHERRIES!! We love them...good shot Lisa!!

Beth said...

You are a fun gal! I love crazy busy days they make life fun and fast which we all need every now and again. Thanks for the entertainment and have a wonderful weekend!